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Sponsorship Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
sponsorship-Q & A

Q1. How can I be a sponsor?
A1. Let ECF representatives know that you are interested in sponsoring a child or Bible school student. A photograph of the child or student and some personal information will be sent to you.

Q2. When do I begin to send my support?
A2. When you receive the child's information, then you may send your monthly support to the ECF Representative in your country.

Q3. Is there any legal responsibility?
A3. None. The child is not legally adopted. You support your child or student by your love, prayers, and gifts. No documents are signed. Should your support become financially impossible, just write and tell us (or get someone to do so). We will understand and seek other sponsors to take your place.

Q4. May I write to my sponsored child?
A4. Yes, you may write to your child at any time. Please send all your letters to the ECF Headquarters and they will be forwarded to the fields.

Q5. Will the child write to me?
A5. Yes, your child will write to you at least once a year before Christmas. If the child is too young, a teacher or parent will write on his or her behalf.

Q6. Can I send gift or money to my sponsored child or student?
A6. Our orphanage in Macau and other sponsorship areas have special birthday parties for the children as a group. No one is singled out to have received a better gift from a sponsor. Cards received at the ECF Headquarters are forwarded to the fields. No money should be sent to your child/student for any event. It creates jealousy among children especially those who did not receive any money or gift.

Q7. May I write to the child's relative or parent?
A7. In order to preserve the privacy of both the sponsor as well as the child, we do not encourage any sponsors to get involved with any family affairs. Only our local staff is authorized to handle family relations with the local language.

Q8. May I discontinue my sponsorship at any time?
A8. Yes, you may stop your sponsorship at any time by notifying our ECF Representative in your country.

Q9. May a group of people sponsor one child?
A9. Yes, some Sunday School classes, various youth groups, and women's fellowships are doing this.

Q10. If I cannot give the full amount for a child or student, may I co-sponsor?
A10. When one sponsor is giving less than the full amount, co-sponsorship is allowed.