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GLOBAL VISION is a bi-monthly publication in English. It was first published in 1955 and was named ECF NEWS. After 34 years, starting in 1990, the name was changed to CHINESE VISION to reflect the new vision that ECF will be focused on bringing the Gospel of Jesus Christ to the Chinese around the world especially in Mainland China. In 1997, ECF's ministry has extended to 13 different nations and at the 50th anniversary, the name was changed once again to GLOBAL VISION to reflect the true nature of our ministry around the world. ECF is determined to bring the Good News of Jesus Christ to peoples in their own language; nurture them in their culture and equip them to reach out to other people groups in world evangelism in order to fulfilling the Great Commission.
「環球異象」是一份英語雙月刊,於一九五五年以「中佈會消息」一名開始出版發行,歷時三十四年。 一九九零年開始改名為「中國異象」,配合中佈總會的宣教異象,致力於將主耶穌基督的福音傳遍中國神洲大地與及散居在世界各地中國同胞。 迄至一九九七年,中佈會聖工延伸到十三個國家,在慶祝創立五十週年時,雙月刊再次改名為「環球異象」,盼望能實行主耶穌基督的大使命, 以不同的語言、配合不同的族裔文化將福音傳遍世界。

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GRACE BRIDGE is a quarterly publication in Chinese and was inaugurated in year 1982. The 1980s was a challenging decade for the Chinese Christians due to many Chinese settled down overseas and also the Gospel door was opened in Mainland China. Many Chinese came to Christ and longing for spiritual growth. GRACE BRIDGE was published to provide spiritual food for the new believers. It is also serves as a Bridge to lead the non-believers to the font of Grace. Starting in year 2009, GRACE BRIDGE changed to a bi-monthly publication.
「恩橋」中文季刊於一九八二年出版。八十年代是中國基督徒的一個充滿挑戰的年代;由於移民海外華人增加迅速,加上中國大陸福音大門稍為打開, 大量中國人因尋求在信仰上的滿足而信奉主耶穌基督。這一群初信的基督徒熱心地追求靈命上的長進,華人教會和福音機構便挑起了這份責任。 中佈總會更是責無旁貸,出版中文「恩橋」季刊,幫助初信者能在基督裡成長,更願成為一座橋樑,將未信者引往恩典之源。二零零九年開始「恩橋」改為雙月刊。

(3) Other Spiritual Books
ECF also published many books and pamphlets for Christian education and spiritual growth, all free of charge.
** Individual subscriptions for the above publications are available free of charge by personal request.
** 以上刊物皆免費贈閱,函索即寄。

Mass Media

Together We Learn and We Dream
"Together We Learn and We Dream" is a documentary of the Teaching English Program in China since 1988 with the cooperation of the China Education Department. For the past twenty years, thousands of teachers and students in China have been benefited by the practical learning experience and the personal friendship offered by people coming from around the world. Together, they bridge cultures through learning and dream for a better future in the global community.
「苦學與美夢齊飛」是極具歷史性的專題片,紀錄及介紹教育文化基金會自一九八八年開始與中國教育局合作在中國開設英語培訓課程。 二十年來,已有數千位教師及學生透過學習而獲益,並與來自世界各地的友人建立友誼,共同建造文化的橋樑,讓苦學與美夢齊飛。
Springtime Forever
This is an exciting and colorful documentary on the development of the Christian churches among the 26 ethnic minority groups in Yunnan which is one of the most beautiful provinces in China. The Gospel was first introduced to Yunnan in 1877. The first Christian Church was built in 1903 in Kunming. Now known as the Trinity International Church, it celebrated the Centennial in 2003 with a new eight story building. Today, there are 1488 churches in Yunnan with about 300,000 Christian believers coming from many ethnic minority groups.
「四季如春」是記述中國風景優美的雲南省基督教會的發展和成長的經過,尤其是省內二十六個少數民族教會的迅速增長。 基督福音早於一八七七年傳入雲南,第一間基督教會於一九零三年成立於昆明。二零零三年該教會於新建的八層高教堂慶祝成立一百週年,並易名為三一國際堂。 今天雲南有一千四百多間教堂,主要是少數民族教會,信徒達三十萬人。

Touching The World With Her Heart
This touching story is giving a glimpse at the early life journey of Xiaohui Ma, China's renowned Erhu virtuoso. She travelled around the world with her Erhu and touched many hearts with beautiful music. She is truly a "Cultural Ambassador".
記述現今中國著名二胡演奏家馬曉暉早歲的音樂生涯及生命歷程的精彩片段。 馬曉暉運用那彈奏出神入化的二胡音樂在世界各地深深地震撼著人心,實在是一位傑出的「文化使者」
Who Holds Tomorrow ?
This is a moving story about Mr. James Chu, who was nicknamed "The Father of Chinese McDonald's" because he launched about 1,000 McDonald's restaurants all throughout China. But the sudden discovery of his brain tumor destroyed his professional dreams and altered his personal life. Through God's healing, James Chu continues to touch many lives through the ministry of his newly formed Messengers of Life.
敘述一個有「中國麥當勞之父」之稱的朱源和先生的感人故事,他在中國開設近千間「麥當勞餐廳」。 豈料正當他的夢想和成就不斷爬上最高峰時,卻因患上腦瘤而中斷了如日中天的事業,生命大受打擊。 但神給他醫治,使他重獲新生,繼而奉獻一生,創辦「生命使者」,盼能以生命影響生命。
Rich Harvest
GCC released the “Rich Harvest” DVD which highlighting the ECF 60 Years celebration activities in Beijing, Shanghai and Macau.
Fruitful Harvest
'Fruitful Harvest: A Story from the Countryside, Sihui Christian Church' is the sixth episode of the 'Love Never Ends - Documentaries of the Church in China' series. It describes the exciting growth of a small congregation, meeting in a small house in the countryside of China. The Sihui Christian Church, with a strong faith in God, the practical help from the local government and the financial support from overseas believers, built a new church for worship; called a full-time pastor and baptized over 200 new believers in just two years. It is truly a fruitful harvest in China.
本會環球傳播中心製作電視節目「愛是永不止息 - 中國教會系列 」第六輯「碩果纍纍」順利完成。 此影片記錄中國一間只有十數人在小村屋聚會的農村教會的成長經過。廣東省四會基督教會對神有堅強的信心,藉著地方政府的幫助、海外信徒在經濟上的支持及奉獻, 終於興建了新的教堂作為祟拜聚會場所。現有全職的教牧同工,兩年來已有超過二百位新信徒受浸加入教會,真是碩果纍纍。
Touching Lives with Love
'Touching Lives with Love' is to showcase the opportunities available to share in the lives of the children in the Orphanages of Macau and India and at the ECF Children Center in the Philippines and for the training of Bible students at the Bethel Bible Institute in Thailand.
「助養計劃」宣傳影碟「愛感生命」(英語版)旨在介紹本會在印度及澳門的孤兒院、菲律賓的兒童中心及泰國伯特利聖道學院的學生訓練等各項助養事工。 歷年來,藉著神的愛和認養者的愛心,讓孤兒們有溫暖的家、貧苦學童可以上學、神學生得著造就,造福青少年及兒童數以千計。
Heaven on Earth
'Love Never Ends' series No. 5 'Heaven on Earth' describes the historical development of Chongyi Church, the biggest church in China today. With a seating capacity of over 6000, it is a place where people can come and enjoy a little bit of Heaven on earth. It also tells the story about the beautiful city of Hangzhou has now a new highway of faith that leads people to the Heavenly Paradise.
「愛是永不止息 」第五輯「人間天堂」記錄今日中國最大的基督教堂 - 杭州崇一堂的建堂歷史和經過。 這個可坐六千多人的基督教堂使進去的人可以備嘗一下人間天堂的味道,它也成為美麗的杭州市一條帶領人進入天上樂園的信心之路
Crusader for Christ
'Crusader for Christ' is a documentary DVD which to glimpse at the life journey and ministry of Dr. Harold Lane. From early days to the golden years of ministry, Dr. Lane has always served God with a positive attitude. With emphasis on outreach through media, education, travel and pastoral service, Dr. Lane and his wife, Dee, rejoice in these retirement years with the Lord's blessing.
「基督精兵」紀錄片是本會國際咨詢委員會主席凌克勞博士的人生旅程及生命事奉的濃縮剪影。 從年青時代開始,凌博士在事奉上就懷著積極進取的態度,一直至退休仍堅持不變。 在金色年華的歲月裡,他們夫婦透過影音、教育、旅行及牧養等外展工作,享受神所賜的福氣
Excitement in Three Cities
'Love Never End' series No.4 - 'Excitement in Three Cities' is a documentary to testify the 'China Bible Ministry Exhibitions', which presented by China Christian Council and National TSPM Committee and was held in Los Angeles, Atlanta and New York City in the USA in 2006. The theme of the exhibition was 'A Lamp to my Feet, a Light to my Path'.
「愛是永不止息」系列第四輯「振奮三城」紀錄片見証了由中國基督教協會及三自愛國運動委員會主辦的「中國教會聖經事工展」在美國洛杉磯、亞特蘭大 及紐約三個大城市首次公開展覽的歷史性時刻,展覽主題是「腳前的燈、路上的光」
I Have a Home
'Love Never End' series No.3 - 'I Have a Home' is a story of a Christian business man who decided to leave the high paying job to start an orphanage, with help of a local church, so the needy orphans can have a real home with Christian love and parental care. The founding of 'The Home of Hope' at Zhaoxian, Hebei, China is a great witness of local Christians who reached out to poverty stricken people in a farming community with harsh weather, rampant disease, food shortage, and limited resources. They provided hope to all.
「愛是永不止息」系列第三輯「我有一個家」記錄中國河北省趙縣的一位基督徒商人放下高薪的工作,在當地教會的協助下,開設了一所兒童院, 讓有需要的兒童們擁有一個溫馨的家,享受真正的愛護和父母般的關顧。「希望兒童之家」的成立實在是當地基督徒的一個美好見証, 他們用實際行動向那些生活在貧困缺乏中的農民伸出慈愛的手,為他們帶來新希望
Shanghai Praise
'Shanghai Praise' is the second documentary of 'Love Never End' series. It is a unique historical documentary of a famous church in Shanghai which has made meaningful impact in China for over 130 years. The church was first started as the Trinity Church in 1874. The name was later changed to Moore Memorial Church in 1900 and again to Muen Church in 1958. Yet, no political, cultural, even religious changes have altered the deep faith and high praise of the people of this church.
「愛是永不止息」系列第二輯「上海讚美」是歷史記錄片,記錄上海一所極具盛名、深深影響中國長達一百三十多年的教堂。 美國傳教士建立此教堂於一八七四年並名為三一教堂,一九零零年易名為慕爾紀念堂,最後於一九五八年再易名為現今名聞中外的沐恩堂。 百多年來雖然在政治、文化及宗教上有極大的變遷,但並沒有改變沐恩堂會友們那堅固的信心和讚美之聲
A Lamp to My Feet, A Light to My Path
'A Lamp to My Feet, A Light to My Path' is the first documentary of 'Love Never End' series. It documented the dynamic growth of the Church in China together with the rapid publication of the Bible. 40 million copies of the Bible had been printed during this decade.
「愛是永不止息」系列第一輯「腳前的燈、路上的光」記錄中國教會近年來強力的增長、發展並聖經在中國的迅速印刷和發行情況; 在這期間共印發了四千萬本聖經為教會使用
Touching Life
A true story of Yanyan Li's college life while studying in the United States. Li came from Hunan, China, to study at Palmer West College of Chiropractic. Being blind, Li has experienced enormous hardships. With extraordinary perseverance and determination, combined with the love support and genuine friendship from his friends, he is courage to face and overcome all those difficulties. (Chinese Version Only)
是一位來自中國湖南的盲人學者李雁雁在美國帕默正骨學院西部校區學習和生活的真實故事。 不僅展示了這盲人學者以驚人的毅力去克服難以想像的困難和勤奮苦學的情況; 同時也表現了中美兩國朋友給他的愛心支持和幫助,使他的求學生活呈現出耐人尋味的價值
'Hudson' is a two part series documentary film about an adopted Chinese orphan boy and his early life in America. It is a very touching story to feel the love of an American couple who raise four adopted Chinese orphan children.
此紀錄片敘述一位被美國家庭收養的中國小男孩哈德森在美國生活的實況。細膩地講述了只有一歲多就進入美國家庭生活的哈德森的成長故事; 同時也展現出收養了四個中國孩子的美國夫婦真實感人的心路歷程
Ambassador of Love
This documentary is a dedicated and extraordinary life story of Dr. Alton Gould, Chairman Emeritus of ECF. He went to Changde, Hunan, China as a missionary at a young age and spent most of his life in the Far East. He loved God so much and was truly an ambassador of love in bringing God's love to everyone.
這是一部以和中國結下不解之緣的顧汝德博士的一生經歷為題材,表現出這位愛的使者的豐富內心世界和不平常的人生經歷。 顧博士一生獻身上帝,青年時代曾在中國湖南省常德市佈道、並和中國朋友結下了終生的友誼。片中傳遞的他對人、對神、對朋友和家人的愛感人至深。
The Glorious March
This film reviews the campus life of two Chinese cadets at the West Point Military Academy. Alison Pan was born in Shanghai, China, and Wei Chow was an American-born Chinese. In this documentary, one can see the new generation of Chinese Americans stepping into the mainstream of America.
這是一部介紹華裔學生在世界聞名的西點軍校學習生活的經典性紀錄片。該片選擇從上海移民美國的潘怡音,和出生在美國的周偉成作為聚焦點, 生動地表現了他們在西點的真實生活情景。該片對西點軍校的歷史,軍校開設中文課的情況,以及華裔學員融入美國光榮和夢想的境況都有精彩的呈現。
The Heart of the University
This film shows the library system of Azusa Pacific University. From the system structure to the services for the teachers and students, you will see the growing changes of the University's library system.
此影片精練地介紹了美國亞蘇莎太平洋大學圖書館系統的設置、運行的情況。 本片通過對該大學三座圖書館的建制、設施、收藏,以及為師生服務的情況介紹,概括地反映了這座大學的歷史和現狀。
My Spirit Rejoices
In this a memoir of ECF's 55-year history, Dr. Paul Szeto, President of ECF International, witnesses the blessings from God in all the wonderful works that ECF has done around the world. He also shares the educational and cultural exchange programs currently in progress in Asia.
通過環球文教總會會長司徒焯正博士的見證,全面回顧了中佈總會成立五十五年來的輝煌歷程,並介紹了環球文教總會各項事業今天在全球範圍內的成功拓展。 該片對環球文教總會以及附屬機構在亞洲開展文化交流、愛心援助的現狀和前景,也有概括的介紹。
Double Blessing
This documentary records the grand opening of the Global Communication Center (GCC) and the inauguration of Global Rainbow magazine in August 2004. It introduces the work of GCC, which includes the television programs and the worldwide connection works.
是一部以《環球傳播中心》新攝影棚開幕禮和《環球彩虹》雜誌正式出版發行慶典為契機, 全面介紹環球傳播中心開展電視節目製作及環球文教總會在全球開展文化交流、愛心援助事工的紀錄片。
Yip's Children Choir Concert
This is a concert film of the Hong Kong Yip's Children Choir.
Jay Yang and His Students Concert
Jay Yang and his students perform in a concert at the GCC studio.
China Culture Concert Night
This is a concert night of Chinese cultural music sponsored by ECF International.
Protestant Churches in China
"Protestant Churches in China" is distributed by ECF International. It is a special project in partnership with TSPM and CCC in Shanghai, China.