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GLOBAL VISION is a bi-monthly publication in English. It was first published in 1955 and was named ECF NEWS. After 34 years, starting in 1990, the name was changed to CHINESE VISION to reflect the new vision that ECF will be focused on bringing the Gospel of Jesus Christ to the Chinese around the world especially in Mainland China. In 1997, ECF's ministry has extended to 13 different nations and at the 50th anniversary, the name was changed once again to GLOBAL VISION to reflect the true nature of our ministry around the world. ECF is determined to bring the Good News of Jesus Christ to peoples in their own language; nurture them in their culture and equip them to reach out to other people groups in world evangelism in order to fulfilling the Great Commission.
「環球異象」是一份英語雙月刊,於一九五五年以「中佈會消息」一名開始出版發行,歷時三十四年。 一九九零年開始改名為「中國異象」,配合中佈總會的宣教異象,致力於將主耶穌基督的福音傳遍中國神洲大地與及散居在世界各地中國同胞。 迄至一九九七年,中佈會聖工延伸到十三個國家,在慶祝創立五十週年時,雙月刊再次改名為「環球異象」,盼望能實行主耶穌基督的大使命, 以不同的語言、配合不同的族裔文化將福音傳遍世界。

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GRACE BRIDGE is a quarterly publication in Chinese and was inaugurated in year 1982. The 1980s was a challenging decade for the Chinese Christians due to many Chinese settled down overseas and also the Gospel door was opened in Mainland China. Many Chinese came to Christ and longing for spiritual growth. GRACE BRIDGE was published to provide spiritual food for the new believers. It is also serves as a Bridge to lead the non-believers to the font of Grace. Starting in year 2009, GRACE BRIDGE changed to a bi-monthly publication.
「恩橋」中文季刊於一九八二年出版。八十年代是中國基督徒的一個充滿挑戰的年代;由於移民海外華人增加迅速,加上中國大陸福音大門稍為打開, 大量中國人因尋求在信仰上的滿足而信奉主耶穌基督。這一群初信的基督徒熱心地追求靈命上的長進,華人教會和福音機構便挑起了這份責任。 中佈總會更是責無旁貸,出版中文「恩橋」季刊,幫助初信者能在基督裡成長,更願成為一座橋樑,將未信者引往恩典之源。二零零九年開始「恩橋」改為雙月刊。

(3) Other Spiritual Books
ECF also published many books and pamphlets for Christian education and spiritual growth, all free of charge.
** Individual subscriptions for the above publications are available free of charge by personal request.
** 以上刊物皆免費贈閱,函索即寄。