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No. 6
Nov/Dec 2013

A. Pray with Joy
B. Love in Action
C. Global Challenges

A Small Country-side Church
Grew 10 times in 10 years

       The 10th Anniversary of the Sihui Christian Church new sanctuary was held on October 27. More than 600 attended this historic celebration. The choir from Duanzhou Church came to join with the local choir and provided great music at the Sunday worship. Rev. Lai preached from I Corinthian 1:1-3 on the topic - "God's Church".

       Special guests came from Hong Kong, Zhaoqing and America. Deacon Lee gave a glorious history of the church. Rev. Leung offered prayer. Rev. Chan gave the benediction. Dr. & Mrs. Szeto shared their special congratulations and Dr. Lane presented a love gift for the support of the growing ministry. After the Worship, over 500 attended the Thanksgiving Luncheon in a nearby restaurant.

       According to Deacon Lee, the gospel came to Sihui, China in 1917 through American Missionaries sent by the Baptist and Assembly of God. Small Mission Points were established. However, very little growth was made. Due to the war and the Cultural Revolution, both ministries were closed.

       The Reopening in the 1980s, nine Chinese elderly members in Sihui met together for prayers and the Sunday morning worship was reestablished in January of 1986 at the home of Dr. Lai because there was no church building available. About 50 attending after ten years of faithful ministry without any pastor.

       In 2001, Dr. Szeto accompanied his wife, Dorcas who was born in Sihui, to visit her uncle Dr. Lai and this small congregation. After fruitful discussions with local government officials, a new lot was provided to build a new church. With strong faith in God and hard work by many, Ground-Breaking took place in June 2002 and the new church was dedicated in October 2003 with about 80 members. Ten years later, membership reached 846.

       This is truly a great witness of God's miracle experienced by a small group of true believers. One brother said: "Small can become Big when God is in it."

Deaon Lee

Thanksgiving Celebration

       The 60th Anniversary Celebration of the ECF Orphanage in Macau took place on October 26, 2013 with about 200 attending.

       The evening began with a thanksgiving prayer by Rev. Eddie Chan. The choir sang. Miss Lau from the Macau government gave her warm encouragement and appreciation to the ECF Board and orphanage staff for the success being attained over the last six decades; especially during the last two years in the new location provided by the Macau government. Four children attained number one in their classes at school. This is the first experience in the entire history of the orphanage.

       Dr. Paul Szeto responded with his thanksgiving to God and deep appreciation to the Macau government, especially to the Department of Social Service. Gifts were presented to the staff and special guests. Dr. Harold Lane offered the blessing on behalf of the ECF Board. Following the prayer by Miss Yip, all enjoyed the banquet.

       The evening was filled with the joy of singing, dancing, drama presented by the children.

In Macau

       Chong-yi Church in Hangzhou is now the largest church in China. Since the new church was dedicated in 2005, God has truly blessed the hard work done by the Pastoral Council and all the lay leaders. Today, over 3,000 attend the first Sunday worship (7:30am) and over 7,000 attend the second service (10:00am).

       On Nov. 3, 2013, Dr. Paul Szeto was invited by Rev. Joseph Gu, the Senior Pastor, to preach at the second service. He shared from Psalm 135 encouraging the entire congregation to live out A Dynamic Life with Praise and Thanksgiving. A combined choir from Hong Kong with about 100 voices provided beautiful music. Many worshippers who participated in the Holy Communion with prayer and confession were deeply moved by the Holy Spirit.

       The Tuesday night Youth Service would attract over 1,000 every week coming from many homes and Zhejiang University. English is often used in these services. For the spiritual training of the younger generation, the church has produced two sets of special reading materials (one for age 4-5 and the other for age 6-7). They have plans to produce a total of 16 sets of these biblical materials for the entire younger generation.

       The ECF Global Communication Center has produced a DVD featuring this great church in China. This 30 minutes DVD - "Heaven On Earth" in English with Chinese caption would be sent out free to those who request. If you would like to receive a copy, please contact ECF Headquarters.

Chong-yi Church

Holy Communion

Ninety Long Years - God's Eternal Grace
       The YWCA in Hangzhou celebrated the 90th Anniversary on Nov. 1-3, 2013 with many exciting activities and programs. Several hundred were invited to come for the historic celebration. The ECF team of 9, led by Dr. Paul Szeto also enjoyed the great event because ECF has been in partnership with YWCA for the last nine years for many fruitful programs, especially in the area of Creative English Conversation Program.

       The first day of this historic celebration concentrated on two seminars allowing all representatives coming from various YWCAs to share their experiences.

       The second day began with a Thanksgiving Worship at the Celestial Waters Church. This church was first established in 1875 by Rev. & Mrs. John Linton Stuart, missionaries sent to China by the Southern Presbyterian Church in USA. Their son, John Leighton Stuart, was born in Hangzhou and later appointed by President Truman as the US Ambassador to China in 1946. The home of the Stuarts located in Jesus Lane which is next to the Celestial Waters Church, has been turned into a museum by the local government to honor the services of this great educator who also started the most famous and influential Yenching University in Beijing.

       All guests were invited to tour this historic museum. A musical concert was held at the Hangzhou City Library with hundreds attending.

       ECF Board member, Linda Allsbury shared exciting experience with Ms. He, YWCA Director and praised the women's leadership throughout all activities of this historic celebration. To God be the glory!

Hangzhou YWCA 90th Anniversary

Donation On-line
For your convenience, we have set up the on-line credit card donation. Please visit our websites at and We thank you for your financial and prayer support throughout all these years.

     President Jon Wallace of the Azusa Pacific University accompanied the ECF Team to the YWCA 90th Anniversary Celebration in Hangzhou. He was welcomed by Rev. Joseph Gu at the Chong-yi Church.

     Mr. Chu, Librarian of the Hangzhou City Library, welcomed Dr. Jon Wallace to this world renown library with the most modern equipment for study and research.

     Dr. Wallace was also welcomed by the representatives from the Zhejiang University to tour the new West Campus and interact with students. Since Azusa Pacific University has established two exchange programs with Zhejiang University during these last 12 years, ECF hosted a dinner on Nov. 3rd so that representatives from the Second Hospital and the International Exchange Division can renew their friendship with President Wallace and with Dr. Paul Szeto who also serves as a member of the APU Board of Trustees for the last ten years.

     Dr. Szeto attended the 10th Anniversary of the 2013 Global Entrepreneur and CEO Round Table Conference in Beijing (9/21-23) after he gave a lecture at the Christian Social Benevolent Conference in Hangzhou (9/16-18). Great opportunities to share the love of God in solving human problems and in meeting social needs.

Dr. Szeto, Dr. Wallace, Dr. Lane, Rev. Gu

Visiting Hangzhou City Library

Renew Friendship

60TH Anniversary Celebration

Legacy Gift Has Eternal Values
       Over the years, ECF Global Ministries had been blessed with legacy gifts from those who not only prayed and gave to support God's work; but also remembered ECF in their wills. We are deeply grateful for the recent legacy gift from the family of Helen Dickensen in Canada. These legacy gifts have eternal values because the genuine love of the donors will continue to help the needy in many countries where ECF has effective programs.

       Please put ECF International in your Will or Living Trust to make sure that your love and support will continue to be a real blessing for many years to come. If you need more details, please contact the ECF Headquarters.