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No. 5
Sept/Oct 2013

A. Pray with Joy
B. Love in Action
C. Global Challenges

Sharing God's Love

       Over the years, ECF leaders had been invited to many countries to share God's love through preaching, seminars, conferences, teaching, group discussions and personal witnessing.

       This year, several large conferences will involve leaders from ECF.

       1. Christian Social Benevolent Conference -- 9/16-18 in Hangzhou
           This provincial conference is sponsored by Zhejiang TSPM Committee and Zhejiang Provincial Christian Council with the theme "Imitate Christ, Love People." Dr. Szeto will speak on "Christian Social Benevolent Enterprise -Traditional Concept and Current Practices."

       2. 2013 Global Entrepreneur and CEO Round Table Conference -- 9/21-23 in Beijing
           This large conference is sponsored by the Association of International Economic Technology Cooperation and The Chinese Enterprises Association in Beijing. Leaders invited will come from many nations and discuss together under the theme: "Attaining A China Dream".

       3. The 60th Anniversary Celebration for the founding of ECF Macau Orphanage -- Oct. 26 in Macau
           This historic thanksgiving event will be attended by ECF Board members, local government officials and supporters. Children will perform at the banquet.

       4. The 10th Anniversary for the building of the new Sihui Christian Church in China -- Oct. 27 in Sihui
           Ten years ago, when ECF donated a love gift for the new building, the congregation was about 80. Now, Sunday worship is over 500. ECF set up a fund in honor of Dr. & Mrs. Harold Lane, in order to support the pastoral leaders. It will be a glorious event to honor God for His rich blessings.

       5. Zhejiang University Exchange programs -- Nov. 1 in Hangzhou
           Ever since Dr. Pan, former president of Zhejiang University came to speak at the Centennial Celebration for Azusa Pacific University in 1999, practical exchange programs had been set up between both institutions through the School of Business and the School of Nursing. President and Mrs. Jon Wallace will join this trip for friendship building and exchange.

       6. The 90th Anniversary for the YWCA in Hangzhou -- Nov. 2 in Hangzhou
           For the last ten years, The Education & Culture Foundation worked closely with YWCA in Hangzhou for English Teaching Programs. Hundreds of gifted children have been blessed with these various programs. For this historic event, ECF Board members and supporters will join the celebration and plan for greater cooperation in the future.

60 New Believers Were Baptized in Sihui, China
       Sihui is a very small city in Guangdong province, China; about 3 hours driving distance north of Hong Kong. It was the birth place of Mrs. Dorcas Szeto. For many years, her uncle, Dr. Lai, had a small group worshipping in his house. Since the Open Policy in Religion, this little congregation worked with the new Christian leaders in the city and a piece of land was given by the local government to build a new church. With a love gift from ECF 10 years ago, a 4 story building for worship and education became a reality.

       It was very difficult to get educated and gifted pastors to lead the growing congregation. Mr. Lee, one of the lay leaders, committed himself to make sure that this congregation continue to grow. He spent lots of time to train lay leaders, especially the young people. God truly blessed this little congregation over the last decade.

       On Aug. 11, Rev. Eddie Chan from Hong Kong witnessed the baptism of 60 new believers and presented each one with a new Chinese Bible. The youngest is 16 and the oldest is about 84. Rev. Fan from the Provincial Christian Council officiated the baptism and preached on Gen. 24:10-14 with the topic "Encounter the Great Opportunity".

       ECF Board members, supporters led by Dr. & Mrs. Szeto will join this growing church for the 10th Anniversary in late October this year. Please continue to pray for and support the Lord's work through ECF in Sihui and in other cities of China.

New Believers Received New Bibles

Legacy Gift Has Eternal Values
       Over the years, ECF Global Ministries had been blessed with legacy gifts from those who not only prayed and gave to support God's work; but also remembered ECF in their wills. We are deeply grateful for the recent legacy gift from the family of Dorothy Smith in the UK. These legacy gifts have eternal values because the genuine love of the donors will continue to help the needy in many countries where ECF has effective programs.

       Please put ECF International in your Will or Living Trust to make sure that your love and support will continue to be a real blessing for many years to come. If you need more details, please contact the ECF Headquarters.

Donation On-line
For your convenience, we have set up the on-line credit card donation. Please visit our websites at and We thank you for your financial and prayer support throughout all these years.

INDIA -- Electronic Keyboard Class
     Five children were chosen to be the first group to learn the electronic keyboard starting September. A teacher will come twice a week to teach the class and the students will practice at least half an hour every day and will be supervised by the staff. The drum class will start as soon as a teacher is available. Other students will join this class.

Five Talented Students

USA -- Summer Youth Musical
     After two months special musical training for a group of about 20 young people, a recital was held at the Chapel and the students were so excited to participate at the presentation. Parents and friends were all enjoying and also happy to see the young talented youth have an opportunity to learn from the experts during the summer time. We appreciated three teachers (back row) who all worked with these young musicians.

Participated Musical Students

MACAU -- Staff Retreat
     A staff retreat was held in Hong Kong in August 20 & 21. Dr. Tang of Alliance Church was the speaker. She shared with the staff on the topic "The eight stages of a growing life". All are benefited and learned the most effective and efficient way to deal with the children in all different stages and situations.

Staff and Dr. Tang (Middle on the back row)

PHILIPPINES -- A Successful Story
     Rev Andres Bernardo, a former sponsored child received his Bachelor of Science Degree in Nursing with Cum Laude honors and many awards in June. He also comes in the top 16 in the "Year 2013 Philippine Nursing Licensure Examination" and plans to pursue in the medicine major. We are all proud to share his success. He thanks ECF and the sponsors who had supported him when he was a sponsored child under ECF's program.

A Successful Young Man Rev Andres Bernardo