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No. 2
Mar/Apr 2013

A. Pray with Joy
B. Love in Action
C. Global Challenges

27 Graduates Dedicated at the 50th Anniversary
Bethel Bible Institute, Thailand
Dr. Paul Szeto

       March 23, 2013 was a historic day for Bethel Bible Institute in Thailand. This glorious day began with the Dedication of the New Library together with all Local Board members, I participated in the Ribbon Cutting Ceremony. Rev. Kwok from Toronto, Canada offered the Dedicatory Prayer with great singing from all students.

       Last year, the ECF Board in USA donated about 4,000 Chinese books for this new library. At this exciting event, Mrs. Dorcas Szeto, on behalf of the Board presented another 735 books written by 24 renowned Chinese Christian authors. This is a rare collection developed during the last 30 years in America.

       After a short visit in the New Library, about 500 entered the conference hall for the graduation ceremony and the 50th Anniversary Celebration for the founding of the school. Principal Too officiated the entire celebration which last almost two hours with six choirs, Dr. Yeh's solo, many speeches and gifts presentation. Dr. Timothy Jeng, a graduate in the mid 1960s, challenged all with a personal reflection on "The Blessings I Experienced at Bethel". Chairman Tan and several Board members presented diplomas, Bibles and gifts. I gave a short encouragement and witnessed 27 graduates were sent off to different fields to serve God in various churches or church planting. Rev. Samuel Kho, our former Principal, closed with the benediction.

       When we walked outside, about 1,200 came to celebrate this historic occasion. Due to the limited seating, several hundred sat outside and on the grass to witness God's glory. Many came from minority groups in Myanmar. About 50 alums, (some with families) returned to the campus and helped prepare enough food for over a thousand people.

       Praise God for what He has done through and with our dedicated workers in Thailand. From a humble beginning in 1960 with only 5 students; today, the student body is over 100 with two departments: Thai and Chinese. Please continue to pray for us and support this practical and meaningful training program in God's kingdom.

The Graduates

Letters from Supporters
       "Thank you both for the wonderful experience I had. It was such an eye opener for me to see at first hand the extent of the work carried out by ECF and I was truly Blessed." -- Ann McCloskey

       "Thank you for the booklet 'Practical Faith', a nice pictorial review of many significant events of the Global Outreach of ECF. I was particularly delighted to see many people whom I have known over the last 50 years." -- Bob & Leno Maase

       "I came to Fuller Theological Seminary in order to find out how I could use my passion for psychology to build up the Kingdom of God. My future plan is to go back to Korea and work with married couples and families. I thank you again for offering me this great scholarship." -- Ayoung Alice Phang

       "Congratulations on this 65th Anniversary of ECF. On behalf of the people of First Baptist Church Pasadena I commend you and your team as you celebrate this milestone. Know that we stand with you as you extend the teaching, healing and preaching ministry of our Lord Jesus." -- Dr. Stephen Hasper

       "Every time I think of you, I give thanks to God and pray for you with joy. Your partnership in our mission and scholarship support is such a blessing and gift to our students." -- Monique MacDonald

       "I want to thank you and your colleagues for your support of my teaching overseas in Nairobi, Kenya. May God bless your ministry of encouragement and support for building up the body of Christ." -- Bill Dyrness

       "Being a student at Fuller has changed the way I see God, the Church and the whole world. More than ever we feel that God is teaching us and guiding our lives to His purpose. Thank you for being part of this vision and especially, thank you for teaching us that money gains purpose in the hands of Jesus' followers such as you." -- Sebastian Lopez

       "Thank you for your support, for investing in the expansion of the Kingdom of God, for being one of the ways God has chosen to let us know that He is still here with us, that He is still faithful." -- Viviana Paz Gonzalez

Summer English Teaching Teams Need Your Support
     ECF is sending English experts and teachers to Hangzhou, China for the English Teaching Program in July. There will be a total of five classes for the English teachers, senior and junior high school students for two weeks (Team A), and one class for the pastors and seminaries for four weeks (Team B).

     Please remember all the team members in your prayer as they prepare for this mission. We gladly appreciate your financial support in this program to ease the burden of the teachers and ECF.

                                 Team A                    Team B

Date                        July 15-26                  July 1-26

Location            Hangzhou/Jiande              Hangzhou

Teachers                      10                              4

2012 Teaching Team

Donation On-line
For your convenience, we have set up the online donation to accept credit card donations. Please visit our websites at and We thank you for both your financial and prayer support throughout all these years.

     Every month, the children at the center joined the local community cleaning program to keep the community clean in order to prevent the increase of dengue disease. It is an educational activity for the children to learn the responsibility of being a good citizen in the community.

The Children are ready to clean up

     On January 29, Royal Lee Rowe, General Manager of the Four Season Hotel presented the walkathon raising fund in the amount of MOP$100,000 to the Orphanage. We appreciate the generous support.

     During the Chinese New Year holiday, the children were invited to visit the Science Center and all had a wonderful time with the learning experience.

Visiting the Science Center

     Stevens Dumpala, Director of the Orphanage in India, reports that there are now two smaller homes, each has 25 children.

     Our sponsorship program has provided great help to these needy children for a number of years. Regarding the new outreach to the nearby villages with musical programs presented by older children, he writes: "We have already consulted with a teacher who is willing to come over and teach keyboard twice a week. The children are very excited about this practical service for the Lord."

Outreach Gospel Team

     Among the 27 graduates this March, 11 came from various parts of China. Some are returning to their small villages with better skills to serve God in various capacities. With the help of the local Christian Council, Church Planting could be the most urgent need. Please pray for us and support our outreach programs in these critical times.

Graduates and Alumni Choir