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Vol. 16 No.5/6
Sep/Dec 2012

A. Higher Vision
B. Mission Partners
C. Global Challenges
D. Love in Action

Higher Vision leads to Richer Harvest
By Dr. Paul Szeto

     For the last 65 years of Kingdom Ministry, ECF leaders always followed the leading of the Holy Spirit in seeking a higher vision from the Lord, for our global Christian services. We are amazed at the end of every year when we reviewed what God has done with our total commitment in serving Him and His people in many lands.

     We truly enjoy the practical results in reaching so many people with the Gospel of Jesus Christ. We remember the words of the Lord who said : "Follow me, and I will make you fishers of men." (Matthew 4:19) We can testify that Higher Vision leads to Richer Harvest.

     In our recent Missions Trip to China, Dorcas and I were able to meet up with many old friends in several cities. In Changsha, Hunan, Mr. He, a renowned writer, who helped published the recent book "Agape Love" welcomed us in his home with a great Chinese dinner. He also arranged a time of sharing at the Hunan TV Station. Mr. Zheng, Deputy Director of Golden Eagle TV Art Festival, joined us and reported the great success of the recent event. Mr. Sun, Vice Editor-in-Chief of the TV Station hosted us in the resort where we met up with several old friends including Mr. Wang and his wife, Ms. Chen from the Office of Foreign Affairs in the City of Changde where ECF has built five schools in partnership with the local Education Department. Ms. Li, a former principal of the school told us that all five schools are doing well academically; teachers and students are all grateful for the love in action shared by ECF.

     We took a special speed train ride to Shahghai and met up with Rev. Cao who invited us to a special luncheon. ECF supported all three China Bible Exhibitions in USA and worked very closely with Rev. Cao in 2006. The TV Team from our Global Communication Center produced the DVD for China Christian Council, including the interviews Rev. Cao had with Billy Graham and the former American president, Mr. Jimmy Carter. Rev. Cao shared with us the many exciting church expansions all through out China during these last five years. Hundreds and thousands of young Christians joined the Church and became great witnesses for the Lord in many communities. These followers of Christ really put their love in action by helping the needy, the handicapped, the seniors and those who need spiritual growth. Bibles and Christian books are provided for those who needed them.

     We also visited the Senior Home in Shanghai and presented 65 boxes of Moon Cakes to celebrate the mid-Autumn festival.

     While in Hong Kong before we departed for Los Angeles, Professor Peter Lin from Nanjing who is now completing his doctoral studies in the Lutheran Theological Seminary in HK, came to see us at the YMCA. He teaches Hebrew and was one of the Visiting Scholars who came to Azusa Pacific University a few years ago under the ECF Education Scholarship. Upon completion of his doctoral studies, he will return to Nanjing and be a great teacher in the largest seminary in China today.

Rock Church Dedication
A Glorious Celebration in Hangzhou
       By the grace of God, I was invited to preach at the Rock Church for the first Sunday Worship service. Pastor Wu led the worship team with a great choir.

       The Dedication of this newly completed church north of Hangzhou is built in the midst of 14 institutions of higher education. More than 3,000 came to the Dedication which was a glorious celebration. The combined musical band has over 400.

       Rev. Nee, MC of this historic event introduced all the guests from many nations, including Rev. Henry Holley of the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association from USA.

       Rev. Gu gave a full report of clear vision and difficult efforts of building this great church. Elder Fu, Chairman of TSPM from Shanghai, gave his praise and support to all the pastors and Christians in Hangzhou for their sacrificial giving of over 11.3 million dollars in such a short time for the completion of this large church, plus a 7-story-multi-purpose building on the 16 acres land.

       Since this new church is located in the midst of so many colleges and universities, many young intellectuals will be blessed with the love of God as they seek the eternal truth for a successful life.

       Please join us in partnership with all the dedicated Christians in China in order to serve the Lord with effectiveness and great results.

We are thankful for your love gifts. May God bless you with His love and grace!

Memorial gift donors in memory of Florence Chan:

Mr. & Mrs. David Boyd
Travelmasters Inc.
Mr. & Mrs. Gene Suttin
Dr. & Mrs. Burton Streicher
Mr. & Mrs. John Waits
Winston & Strawn LLP
Ms. Linda Hyken
Mr. & Mrs. Terry Kwan

Memorial gift donors in memory of Dolores Lane:

Elwood Williams & Crusader Class
Phyllis Hudson
Ramsis & Marilyn Boctor
Jackie Waldron
Crawford & Lucile Brubaker
David & Kimberley Phelan
Floyd & Marilyn Bowers
Ralph & Ruth Carlson
Charles & Doris Henson
Janet Feyerabend
James Hayes
Thomas & Barbara Feyerabend
Robert J. & Geneva R. Adams
Linda Pauloo
Matalice Cameron
Ethel Whitson
Elizabeth Lent
Walter & Rachael Nichols
Royal Oaks Manor
May Lee Young
Sharon Macauley
Surbeck Foundation INDNJC, Inc.
Primo & Rachel Green
Leeroy & Ellen Peterson
Ronald & Donna Tomhave

Exciting Summer Outings
     During the summer time, the orphanage had a lot of exciting activities. In early August, the staff and the children took a three day trip to Hong Kong and spent a day visiting the Noah's Ark Museum experiencing the full-sized replica and life-sized sculptures of exotic animals. Later in the month, sponsored by the Macau Social Department, the children also had one day outing to Shunde, China.

     Before school started in September, the orphanage held a revival meeting on August 31 to encourage and challenge the children to be good students and good Christians.

New Building to be Complete
     Good news was reported by Rev. Too, principal of the Bethel Bible Institute, that the new building will be fully completed by the end of October. The dedication of the new facility will be held in January 2013 along with the 50th anniversary celebration for the Institute. For the current school year, a total of 33 new students registered with another 52 students enrolled with the Bachelor Degree Program in both Thai and Chinese department.

Church Keeps on Growing
     It is exciting to see the church in Sihui keep on growing. On the 5th of August, 73 new believers were baptized unto the Lord. Rev. Eddie Chan made a special trip to Sihui to attend the baptism service and brought greetings to the new believers. Praise God for this church.

Youth Talent Show
     On the 8th of September, a youth talent show was held at the International Chapel. 16 young people participated in the program with exciting presentations. They showed their talents in solo singing, playing musical instruments such as piano, guitar, violin, flute, oboe etc. It was a wonderful gathering and everyone enjoyed the talent presentations by the young people.

New Ministry Partnership
     ECF has extended its reach to other underprivilsged children in the Philippines by partnering with a new church, First Lighthouse Baptist Church of Marilao, Bulacan. Eight children have joined and together with the recipients from Caingin Christian Baptist Church, there are 16 recipients who are part of the ECF Sponsorship ministry. Anyone interested in becoming a sponsor, please contact ECF or visit our website at

2012 Hangzhou English Teaching Experience

Molly Chang - "Teach with Your Heart"

     My two-week English Methodology workshop in Jiande was unbelievably educational and meaningful to me. First I thought I was there to share my experience as an educator with my fellow teachers in China, but it turned out that in order to meet their needs, I must step into the shoes of a student at night, so I could be a teacher the next morning. Beyond my expectation, in the end, Jiande teachers were convinced that the most effective teaching method starts with "Teach with your Heart!" I am amazed at the bonding that I have with my friends in Jiande in just 10 days. The most memorable moment was when we said good-bye, I knew in my heart that they are going to have a successful school year along with their students. I am grateful to my Heavenly Father for giving me the passion, creativity, and discernment in carrying out the essence of this workshop. With the support of ECF, I look forward to the next opportunity to serve my friends in China.

Beryl Carpenter - "Serve Once Again with Joy"

     What can you do on a two-week mission trip? One of my friends asked me that question before I left for Hangzhou. As I taught twelve pastors and Christian workers at the local seminary, I discovered the answers. Thank you for letting me to serve once again in China. You can teach sermon helps by noticing how Jesus taught in the parables. All classroom activities, such as listening exercise, singing, and tongue twisters do improve pronunciation and English fluency. You can teach students to be better readers by learning pre-reading strategies. You can mentor an assistant (a new Christian) by letting him participate in class Bible studies and activities. Your faith shows through your attitude. Anything done with joy and abandon makes a lasting impression on your students. Time spent as a group in fellowship with all the team members and assistants builds relationships that last till next year.

Rachel Shackleford - "Focus on Relationship Building"

     As I reflect upon my experience teaching in Hangzhou it seems as though I was returning "home." My first experience teaching in China was in Hangzhou of 2008 and was life changing for me. This time I did not experience the awkwardness of unknown territory and felt a sense of familiarity with everything. This feeling of "home" made me more comfortable leading the team and enabled me to focus more on relationship building with my teaching assistants and students. Because of this focus on relationship building I felt I was able to impact their lives more by simply demonstrating my heart for God and walking out my daily walk of faith filled with joy and being available to share with them. One of my most memorable experiences on this trip was praying for someone in the hospital. My previous hospital visit in China was in 2010 and was not very pleasant at all, however as I found myself again visiting a hospital for the second time in China, my heart rejoiced as my faith was shared and I felt I was truly able to do more of my heart’s desire in bringing hope to those who are broken. Thank you to all who supported our team and made this trip possible. May you reap the blessings of your gifts and prayers!

Irene Wen - "A Most Treasured Experience"

     I am so thankful to ECF and to God for blessing me with this special opportunity to teach in Hangzhou this past summer. It will certainly remain a most treasured experience for me. Though challenging and stretching in many ways, it provided for the perfect conditions and opportunities for growth. I engaged and embraced each moment the best I could and was honored to serve in Hangzhou alongside such God-fearing men and women. I deeply cherish all the new friends I've made, all the new foods I've tasted, and all the new memories I've created in these precious two weeks. God is truly the one who puts everything together. The more I realize what I've been given, the more empowered I am to live out my faith. My heart is so full, and I can't wait to return to this great city I have fallen in love with.

Sherrie Yu - "Experiencing More Joy"

     It is impossible to really capture what the ECF teaching trip has meant to me. I could tell you that I experienced more joy and sense of purpose during those two weeks than all of the other weeks of summer before added together, that I miss the students that I taught so much and look back at the pictures and videos at least once a day, jumping at the chance to gush about them to anyone who will listen, or that I made friendships that I hope will last a lifetime--and all of that would be true, but still insufficient to describe how happy I am to have those two weeks tucked in my memory shelves. For someone who was somewhat nervous and apprehensive about meeting new people, I am simply amazed and humbled at how graciously and abundantly God provided for both me and our team as a whole, how He gave us the opportunity to experience the simple love of a child and also to witness the deep-seated yearning for meaning and purpose within each person, a hole that can only be filled by Him. I learned that "unreached people groups" are not just the desperately poor and uneducated who have never heard the name of Christ, but also those who have been insulated by a culture of materialism and self-sufficiency, who understand "Christ" as simply another good-luck charm on the upward climb, rather than the source of purpose and eternal life. I pray that as others embark on this trip, they will seize the opportunity to allow God to speak to them, to stir them to pray for His people, whether they are separated by an ocean or a cubicle wall. And most of all, I pray with excitement and gratitude that God gave me this trip, to reaffirm the knowledge once again that there is truly no greater blessing than to serve Him.

Tiffany Kung - "I Had a Good Time With the Kids"

     My experience in Hangzhou, China was absolutely amazing. I was so nervous the first day I got there having never been to China, my first time travelling by myself, and shoved into a group of team members I barely knew. I remember thinking if the kids would like me and if I had enough teaching material. The moment I stepped into the room and saw all their smiling faces, I knew I would have a good time. The two weeks passed by at an incredible speed with the wonderful teacher assistants helping us every step of the way. They would take us sightseeing and take us to sample delicious local foods. Each day the kids brought smiles and hearts filled with joy and each night our teacher assistants would willingly hang out with us. I am so thankful for all the support I have gotten from the church, my family, and friends. I am also so blessed to have an awesome team which I got to know very well, wonderful teacher assistants that I will never forget, and such cute kids that made my two weeks in Hangzhou unforgettable. I love you kiddies!

Sharon Ma - "Able to Build Many Relationships"

     Teaching English for the ECF program was a really great experience. I'm really grateful that I was able to be a part of this program and serve in this way. The sites were beautiful, the experiences were fun, but most importantly, the people were warm, welcoming, and loving. I was able to form many friendships within the team, with my students, with the TAs, and with the teachers, all within the short period of time that we were teaching in Hangzhou. Using this experience, God taught me that one of the foundations of being able to evangelize is to first build relationships with people. Praise God that ECF provides such a platform in which so many new relationships can be formed. I hope that I will have the opportunity to participate in this program again in the future.

Joseph Coleman - "Gain More Perspective on Chinese Culture"

     I had a great experience teaching with ECF. My students did not have much experience speaking English but once we got to know them they really opened up and it was really great hanging out with them and helping them to feel more confident with speaking English. This was my first time formally teaching a class of students and it was a very positive experience. I gained a huge amount of perspective on the Chinese culture as well as life in general.

     To celebrate the ECF 65th Anniversary, we want to share with you the Quadruple Blessings received from the Lord.

1. The Cross: Bridge of Life:
     An 18 minute DVD featuring God's rich blessing for 65 long years.

2. Agape Love:
     A collection (in the Chinese language) of works done in China relating to building 10 schools, 5 senior homes/handicapped center, educational scholarship, mass media and dynamic partnership.

3. A Steadfast Hope:
     A book (in English) by Dr. Alton Gould. We published these meaningful articles in a book to honor him on his 90th birthday this year. He first went to China in 1947.

4. Practical Faith:
     A collection (Chinese and English) of Christian ministries done in China and in other nations relating to 11 churches built, cooperation in Bible Exhibitions in USA, Leadership Training, Exchange Programs and Christians Services.

     These are mailed out quarterly free to you, our partner. Hope you enjoy these blessings from the Lord. If you need more copies, please contact us.


We need your help in three major ministries:
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     2. Printing and postage for Global Vision and Grace Bridge

     3. Pastor's compensation for the Chapel in Monterey Park

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