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Vol. 16 No.3
May/Jun 2012

A. Higher Vision
B. Mission Partners
C. Global Challenges
D. Love in Action
E. Kingdom Openings

Praising God - In Loving Memory of
Mrs. Dolores "Dee" Lane
By Dr. Paul Szeto

     I was honored to have the privilege of participating in two meaningful services at Royal Oaks and Bradbury Oaks Manor.

     The Celebration of the Life of Dolores "Dee" Lane on April 7, 2012 at Royal Oaks Chapel was a glorious day in praising God. Dr. Harold Lane has been my pastor, mentor and friend for more than 30 years. Mrs. Dolores Lane served as the president of the pastors' wives council of the Pacific Southwest and has been a great partner for my wife, Dorcas. We had traveled together with the Lanes in many missions trip for the Lord's work. Dee's love for missionary outreach has helped us to establish several meaningful and practical projects in China.

     Dr. Steve Hasper led the service with personal welcome, prayer, scripture, and benediction. Special music provided by Eleanor Robertson, Randolph Farrar and Stuart Henderson truly touched the hearts of the entire congregation. I shared a message of hope based on Romans 15:13. Dr. Lane gave a moving tribute to his dear wife Dee.

     Family members, son James from Carrazozo, New Mexico, and daughter Nancy and son-in-law Paul Jelinek from Ralston, Nebraska, all came and shared with those at the reception. Dee went to be with the Lord on March 21, 2012; and will be sorely missed by her family and many friends.

Honoring God - National Day of Prayer
     May 3, 2012 was another meaningful day for me. The National Day of Prayer sponsored by Royal Oaks Manor & Bradbury Oaks was truly a time to Honor our Creator God.

     Ethel Whitson, Chair of the Spiritual Life Committee, welcomed the congregation and opened with an invocation. Ten people participated in the Pledge of Allegiance; scripture reading, music, prayers, and special greetings. I shared from my heart the impact of prayer in the rapid growth of the Christian Church in China. Dr. Lane, the Chaplain, gave an inspiring message on "Is Prayer Necessary?" and led the 2012 Prayer for Our Nation written by Dr. David Jeremiah.

     The added joy for me was the opportunity to see so many beautiful old Model A's in front of Royal Oaks and to join in the time of prayer as Dr. Lane blessed the Model A Caravan before they departed on their trip.

God Raised Up Many Young People for the Gospel
       The ECF ministry in the Philippines was started in 1996 with new church planting and children's programs. For 15 long years, God has truly blessed our hard work among the needy children.

       This Spring, Dr. Nathan Yeh and I were invited by two churches in the Philippines to share the Good News of Jesus Christ. Mrs. Ditas Leonardo, our Ministry Coordinator, arranged all the meetings with wisdom so that we could survive the heat during our three days ministry in that country.

       Renewing our friendship with Pastor and Mrs. Rod Nicolas was such a joy. This couple has been great partners for our ministry among the needy children of his church in Bocaue, Bulacan, about 50 miles north of Manila. Over the years, Ditas has worked very closely with Pastor Nicolas and his church people to carry out various programs: Sunday School; Home Bible Study/Family Devotion; Special Day of Prayer; Gifts for School needs; Health & Nutrition Programs; Youth Camps and Outings, etc. Hundreds of needy children have been blessed with God's love. I shared God's word in the Sunday worship service. Dr. Yeh sang a special number in the local dialect -- Tagalog, which was well received by the entire congregation. I was so excited to meet up with Mr. Dela Cruz, the former Mayor of the city.

       Several years ago, with the generous support of our sponsors in several countries, this kind of children's program was extended to another church in Balagtas, cared for by Pastor Philip Bamba. I preached in a new church structure which has only four posts and a roof not even completed. When the rain came that afternoon, both sides of this structure were filled with water. However, nothing could disturb our Christian fellowship. Two young people led the music in worship. Special gifts were presented to the children. We had a wonderful time with the parents. We prayed together, asking God to bless them and open other doors so that they can find jobs and any work opportunities.

       We are deeply impressed by the spiritual commitment and genuine joy expressed by these children. They know the Lord and continue to experience His love even though life is difficult and the future is yet unknown.

Please Pray for Dr. Paul szeto

       3    National Day of Prayer at Royal Oaks Manor
       4    ECF Executive Council meeting
       5    ECF International Chapel, Monterey Park
17-18    Board of Trustees, Azusa Pacific University
     20    Zion Chinese Baptist Church, Eagle Rock, CA.

       3    ECF International Chapel, Monterey Park, CA
     17    Bread of Life Church, Torrance, CA
     24    Chinese Baptist Church, Seattle, WA

       1    ECF International Chapel, Monterey Park, CA.
25-27    ECF International Council meeting in Hangzhou
29-30    ECF 65th Anniversary Celebration and Dedication of New Orphanage in Macau

Gospel Tour in Telangana Region
     A team of 8 ministers conducted a gospel tour on March 19 to 23 in Telangana, an area that has been least evangelized in the Andhra Pradesh region. Despite political uncertainty, the team visited more than 10 villages; distributing gospel tracts and testimony books, and sharing the gospel to about 3000 households. About 30 people came forward and gave their lives to Jesus Christ

A Growing Congregation with Love
     The ECF International Chapel is growing not only in number, but also in love. On April 29, the Sunday worship was outdoors at the Monterey Park City Park. Three young leaders, Yi Gao, Kunyou Guan and Xun Yu shared their testimonies as how to be "a vessel for noble use" based on II Timothy 2:20-26.

     On Mother's Day, May 13, Sunday worship was packed with 45 people sttending. Two mothers, Liqin Sun and Jane Qu shared their personal and precious experiences by being a mother with the love from the Lord. Also, they demonstrated the love from the Savior Jesus Christ helped them to overcome many difficulties in their motherhood. Many were blessed by the words from the Bible that they shared.

Yolinda Qu (far Right), on behalf of the church, presented flowers to 11 mothers

More Space, More Activities
     Everyone in the Orphanage is so thankful for the new facility which provides a lot more space for study and activities. In April, several volunteer groups and organizations came to visit; to hold various programs and activities. The children have the opportunity to learn the skills to improve the relationships among one another. Starting this year, a quarterly newsletter for the Orphanage will be published and the first issue came out in April. Praise God for all the provisions.

A New Dorcas Fellowship
     On April 14, 2012, Mrs. Dorcas Szeto, ECF Education Consultant, was invited to speak to a women's group, "Dorcas Fellowship," at the Blessed Life Church in Bellevue, Washington. This newly-formed fellowship is chaired by Ms. Signe Chan. It is a sister church of the Seattle Chinese Baptist Church.

     More than 40 ladies attended the meeting early Saturday morning at 9:30am. All were full of energy, eager to learn and willing to serve. Mrs. Szeto used "Dorcas" in the Bible from Acts 9:36-41 as an example to challenge the group. She encouraged them to follow the character of Dorcas in making this new fellowship an impact in this busy and newly developed community in Bellevue.

     The gathering was also a joyful reunion for Mrs. Szeto. More than 30 years ago, most of the leaders of the Blessed Life Church were international students at the University of Washington where Dorcas served as a Media Librarian. Through the Chinese Student Fellowship, most of the young people became members of the Chinese Baptist Church where Dr. & Mrs. Szeto served from 1971-1980. By the performance of this group of leaders, people can see the results of the Szetos' Pastoral ministry at that church. The ladies are not only successful in their careers, but also deeply dedicated to their new church.

     Praise God for His faithfulness.

ECF English Teaching Ministry in China
     In year 1988, ECF started the new English Teaching Ministry in China. The first team of four English teachers was sent to Shanghai for five weeks, teaching the local English teachers. One hundred twenty teachers attended the program with excitement, and the outcome was very encouraging. Since then, this program was expanded to several cities in China including Changde, Kaiping, Hangzhou, Urumqi and Shijiazhuang. This program also later started English Conversational Training for the pastors and seminarians at the Zhejiang Theological Seminary. Over 1300 school teachers, doctors, nurses, pastors and young professionals have been trained and are making a great impact in their professions.

     In year 2005, ECF was also invited by the Education Department in China to send English experts and university students to conduct English Summer Camp and training for the students in high schools and primary schools throughout China. About 100 professionals and university students were sent to Urumqi, Hangzhou and Shijiazhuang to conduct the English Seminar and camps. Thousands of students benefited from this program.

     We are so thankful to the Lord for His goodness, providing so many faithful teachers and supporters to participate in this program throughout all these years. For the past eight years, Mrs. Elizabeth He and Ms. Diana Deng of Hangzhou YWCA have maintained a very good partnership with ECF on this program. They provided the facility for the training, did all the planning and welcomed all the teachers with great hospitality.

     For ECF headquarters, Mrs. Molly Chang has been a faithful and excellent teacher. She has joined the teaching teams many times and also has provided training for our teachers during the orientations. Dr. Stuart Strother of Azusa Pacific University also has been helping to recruit APU students to join the program for the last few years.

     This summer, a team of 13 teachers will be going to Hangzhou and Jiande to continue this special ministry in China (more detail at the back cover). We would like you to be part of this program with your prayers and financial support. We also like to invite you join our teams in the future.

Chinese English Experts in Hunan, 1995

Summer Teaching Program in Hangzhou, 2011

We need your help in three major ministries:
     1. Child Sponsorship for needy children

     2. Printing and postage for Global Vision and Grace Bridge

     3. Pastor's compensation for the Chapel in Monterey Park

Donation on-line is available now
     For your convenience, we have set up the online donation to accept credit card donations. Please visit our websites at and We thank you for both your financial and prayer support throughout all these years.

Growth of Christianity in Asia

By Dr. Ralph S. Carlson

     On the internet site Business Insider, February 23, 2010, writers Vincent Fernando and Gus Lubin posted an article entitled "15 Facts About China That Will Blow Your Mind." High on their list was the rapid growth of Christianity. "There are already more Christians in China than Italy, and China is on track to become the largest center of Christianity in the world. Due to the extremely rapid expansion of Christianity in China, there are now an estimated 54 million Christians in the country comprised of about 40 million Protestants and 14 million Catholics."

     A scholarly article in the Copenhagen Journal of Asian Studies 27(1) 2009 entitled "Spiritual Power: Ethnic Chinese Managers and the Rise of Charismatic Christianity in Southeast Asia" by two professors at VU University Amsterdam focuses on the growth of "charismatic Christianity" specifically among businessmen in the Chinese communities in Indonesia and Malaysia. Citing others' research in their introductory remarks, however, they observe "from the 1980s onward ... Singapore, China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Indonesia and Malaysia are said to have the fastest-growing Christian communities and the majority of the new believers are upward mobile, urban, middle class Chinese ... Asia has reached the second largest number of Pentecostal-charismatic Christians of any continent with growth numbers of 10 to 135 million between 1970 and 2000."

     Since many Westerners are sensitive to the political history of governments in numerous nations advocating atheism and suppressing religion, it is valid to ask what the current Chinese government thinks of the rapid growth of Christianity. One sign of the modern government policies in China is the approval for, and government assistance to, the China Christian Council in establishment of 17 Protestant seminaries in recent decades. Another sign is research apparently done to explore the role of Christianity in business and industry.

     These realities are noted in "Christian faith plus Chinese productivity," posted in October 2010 on the BBC News website by Christopher Landau, reporting from Wenzhou, China. There, the general manager of the Boteli Valve Group plant stated the firm produces $5 million worth of valves per month, but "he is far more concerned to tell me about the place his family's Christian faith has in the life of the factory… Every Monday morning, the senior managers gather together and pray about the business members of staff are encouraged to attend an on-site Christian fellowship meeting, where they read the Bible and pray for each other."

     In Beijing, Landau interviewed Professor Zhuo Xinping, Director of the Institute of World Religions. "He specializes in the study of Christianity's growing influence in China - and has plenty to say about Wenzhou's Christian entrepreneurs. But what really interests him is the way in which growth of Christianity and economic prosperity have happened side by side…Chinese researchers are considering whether in Western history there is a link between economic prosperity and Protestant Christianity - and they are questioning what that might mean for today's China."

     Over the years that ECF has engaged in intensive English workshops for Chinese teachers of English and in various social service projects, Chinese businessmen in mainland China, Hong Kong, and Macau have frequently provided financial and other forms of support. Some such supporters are active Christians, and others may not have expressed a faith commitment but have had concern for the well-being of students, or the elderly or the handicapped in their community.

     Please pray for the Christian church in China, and for all who participate in or support ECF projects and activities. Especially, please pray for the teaching teams going to Hangzhou and Jiande this summer, and for adequate financial support for all ECF projects this year.

2012 Summer Teaching Program in China
     ECF is sending 13 English experts and teachers to Hangzhou, China for the English Teaching Program this summer. There will be a total of six classes for English teachers, pastors and seminarians, senior and junior high students. This year we expand the English teacher class to the city of Jiande, which is about 100 miles away from the city of Hangzhou.

     Please remember all the team members in your prayer as they prepare for this mission trip. We also need your financial support in this program due to the increase of the travel expenses.

Date: July 16 to 27
Place: Hangzhou and Jiande
Locations:YWCA, Zhejiang Theological Seminary, Qinghe High School, Hangzhou Art School and Jiande High School

ECF 65th Anniversary DVD
     This year ECF holds a number of exciting programs and activities for the 65th anniversary celebration. A special celebration tour is organized to visit China in July. The Global Communication Center also has produced a special historical DVD to witness God's wonderful blessings upon ECF for the past 65 years. You may contact our headquarters for a free copy of this 18 minutes long DVD.