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Vol. 16 No.2
Mar/Apr 2012

A. Higher Vision
B. Mission Partnership
C. Global Challenges
D. Love in Action
E. Kingdom Openings

By Dr. Paul Szeto

     The Fellowship Dinner on January 27 was such a meaningful time for so many supporters of the ECF global ministry. Mr. David Lau, Mayor of the City of Monterey Park came with his dear wife; and presented to Dr. Lane and Dr. Szeto a Certificate of Congratulations which reads:

     "The Monterey Park City Council hereby extends our congratulations to you as you celebrate your 65th Anniversary. We applaud your ongoing commitment to the community and wish you continued success in all your future endeavors."

     The ECF Board also presented a trophy to Dr. Samuel Lo in recognition for his many years of leadership at the ECF Board. Several team partners who had joined the ECF Short-term missions to China shared their experiences of serving God in China. Dr. Jon Wallace, president of Azusa Pacific University concluded this historic occasion with his wise and encouraging words.

     All Board members and the entire ECF working team felt the enriching blessing from the Lord with renewed strength to serve in this new year.

Dr. Paul Szeto (L to R), David Lau, Dr. Harold Lane

Dr. Samuel Lo

Dr. Jon Wallace

Please Pray for Dr. Paul szeto

       1    International Chapel, Monterey Park, CA
19-21    Board of Trustees, Azusa Pacific University
27-28    ECF Annual Board Meetings, Monterey Park, CA
     29    International Chapel, Monterey Park, CA

     26    Zion Chinese Baptist Church, Eagle Rock, CA

      4    International Chapel, Monterey Park, CA
    17    Graduation Ceremony, Bethel Bible Institute, Thailand
    18    Sunday Worship, Grace Chapel, Macau
            Evening - ECF Macau Board Meeting
    19    Meeting with Director of Social Welfare Dept., Macau
    20    Messengers of Life, Hong Kong
    21    City Gospel Church, Kowloon
    22    ECF Foundation Board, Hong Kong
    23    Travel to Manila, Philippines
    24    Barasoain Church and Balagtas Children Center, Bulacan
    25    Sunday Worship, Caingin Christian Baptist Church, Bulacan

      8    Easter Worship and Baptism, International Chapel, Monterey Park, CA

God Raised Up Many Young People for the Gospel
       In this first quarter of the exciting year of our 65th Anniversary Celebration, ECF Missions Partners in four different places invited Dr. Paul Szeto and Dr. Nathan Yeh for various meetings with preaching and singing.

       On March 17, Dr. Szeto gave the sermon at the 38th graduation ceremony of our Bethel Bible Institute in Thailand. Dr. Yeh shared his message with a solo. Mr. Stephen Leung, on behalf of the ECF Board, presented a love gift of US$10,000 for the building project of a new library to be completed this October. Last year, 4,000 theological books were donated to this Bible School by our Board in the United States. Mr. Kok-hui Tan, Chairman of the Board in Thailand, and Principal Too both gave their deep appreciation for the meaningful support for God's Kingdom ministry. All laid hands in prayer on the 21 graduates, commissioning them to go into the world with the Gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ.

       While in Macau on March 18th, Dr. Szeto preached at the Grace Chapel Sunday worship with special music from Dr. Yeh. Next day, they met with Mr. Kong-Io Iong, President of the Social Welfare Department in Macau, seeking his advice for the ECF 65th Anniversary Celebration this July in the new orphanage in Macau. The ECF Macau Board also met and mapped out details for this historic event.

       The meeting at the City Gospel Church in Kowloon, Hong Kong was most encouraging because many young people are interested in joining Short-term Missions to China. Under the creative leadership of Pastor Kenric Hui, this inner city church has grown from 100 to about 300 in less than two years. Every member is committed to share the love of God in their daily lives.

       More news and photos on the Children's ministry in the Philippines will be shared in the next issue.

New location for church and computer center
     The Faith in Christ Church and the computer center have transferred to their new location. The staff and church members have been busy with the move and new construction. So far, a new building housing the computer center and a prayer room has been completed.

Final Examination Preparations
     The children have been enrolled in special classes to prepare them for their final examinations this month. The academic year will be ending soon, and the children are looking forward to their summer vacation

Helpful Tool
     The children each received big red umbrellas through the health program of the ECF Sponsorship ministry. Umbrellas are especially practical for the children who walk to and from school. They can use them as a shield from the hot sun and as protection from the rain.

Walkathon Fundraising
     The "Run of Hope Macau 2011" fundraising walkathon, sponsored by the Macau Four Season Hotel, was successfully accomplished on November 6, 2011. On February 22, 2012, General Manager Royal Lee Rowe, Director of Human Resources Pernille Baumann, and Executive Assistant Norma Vu, presented a donation check to Mr. Untap Ieong , Orphanage Superintendent, in the amount of MOP$67,500. We appreciate the generous support and the good relationship with the hotel management staff.

     Macau Grace Community Chapel is growing steady for the past few years. On Sunday, March 18, two new believers, Ieong Wong and Kin Wa Kan were baptized by Dr. Szeto.

Youth Service Awards
     The spiritual growth of ECF International Chapel is a heart warming experience for many. Young people are learning how to serve the Lord with their own talents. Miss. Kunyou Guan, plays the piano for Sunday worship. What a strong commitment for a 9th Grader.

     On the first Sunday of March, Dr. Szeto presented Special Youth Service Awards to two tall and strong young men - Patrick Lin and Franklin Qu who are only students in primary school. But they used their physical strength to help out at all cleaning projects after church, even dumped the garbage together. Their service has set up good examples for other youth and is deeply appreciated by all.

Sponsorship Program
     You can make a difference in the life of a child in Macau, the Philippines or India by becoming a sponsor through the ECF Sponsorship Ministry. For as little as US$25.00 per child per month, you can provide warm beds, nutritious food, good education, vocational and practical skills training as well as spiritual guidance for each sponsored child.

     You may contact our Headquarters if you desire to be a partner in this meaningful ministry. A photograph and personal information sheet of the child will be sent to you. Remember that there is no legal responsibility involved. You support your child by your love, prayers and gifts.

     For further information, please contact Kate Reyes, Sponsorship Manager, and visit our websites at or

Monthly $25       Quarterly $75       Annually $300

Medical Mobile Donation
     On October 17, 2011, ECF made a special love gift for the purchase of a new Medical Mobile in Hangzhou as a practical tool in the new ministry, "Love in Motion". It is a special mission to encourage more medical professional volunteers to help in various projects and services. The total love gift is US$80,000. We have received US$46,500 and still need US$33,500 to complete this particular project. If you want to have a part in this historic love gift, please send it to our headquarters. All donations are tax-deductible in the USA.

Donation on-line is available now
     For your convenience, we have set up the online donation to accept credit card donations. Please visit our websites at and We thank you for both your financial and prayer support throughout all these years.

Pray Without Ceasing

By Dr. Ralph S. Carlson currently allows a user to look up scripture in a hundred versions of the bible In the King James Version I grew up with, Thessalonians 5:17 is "Pray without ceasing." In the New International Version, the verse is rendered, "Pray continually." The J. B. Philips New Testament offers it as "Never stop praying."

     Sometimes we plan programs and set goals for the growth of God's Kingdom, but the plans we make and the labors we pursue don't bring the results we hope for on the schedule we expect. The Lord may then remind us to continue in faith and to "pray without ceasing." We must pray, even when answers come in God's ways and God's timing rather than in our own. Sometimes we get "No" or "Wait" when we want "Yes." Yet, prayer connects us with our God and, in sometimes surprising ways, connects us as believers with one another.

     My father, the Rev. Paul B. F. Carlson, was one of the first Protestant missionary pilots to fly a mission-owned plane. He put a Fairchild 24 (a 3-seat, single engine craft) into service in the fall of 1938, serving the Evangelical Covenant churches in the Seward Peninsula and Yukon Delta areas of Northwestern Alaska. He flew evangelistic, medical, dental, and supply missions for the Covenant missionaries and for workers with other denominations as well.

     Before I was born, Dad and Mom once headed for a remote village across a couple mountain ranges from their base in Nome, Alaska. Weather was good when Dad filed his flight plan and took off, but about ten minutes into the flight, a fast-moving storm front closed in, and the Fairchild was enveloped in clouds. The plane had only the most basic instruments such as compass and altimeter, so Dad was flying "VFR" - visual flight rules. In "white-out" conditions, there was no horizon to see, no glimpse of tundra below or strip of blue above to give a clue as to what was up or down. Many a bush pilot has been lost to white-out that brings total disorientation.

     Worried, Mom said, "Paul, what are we going to do?" Attempting a U-turn could be worse than continuing the intended line of flight.

     "I'll fly. You pray," Dad said. Knowing the altitude he needed to get through the mountain passes ahead, he kept his eyes on the altimeter and compass, watching for a break in the clouds, praying silently as Mom prayed aloud beside him. After fifteen minutes in the white-out, Dad saw a tiny bright spot far in the distance and slightly above his line of flight. Dad headed for it. The altimeter showed he was gaining altitude as he headed for that brighter patch of white. Slowly, the clouds thinned, and the Fairchild broke through into clear sky and sunlight. The outlines of the pass Dad needed to traverse came visible through patchy clouds below. Mom and Dad completed their trip without further incident.

     Several years later, on furlough in the Lower 48 States, Dad visited many churches as "missionary speaker." After one evening service, a woman approached him. "Pastor Carlson, where were you on ......?" and she named a date and a time. Dad happened to have his pilot's log in his briefcase, so he checked for any flights made on the date the woman mentioned and replied, "Why do you ask?"

     "Well, I keep a diary, and one afternoon, I suddenly had a very strong urge to pray for you and your wife. So I prayed, and then I called several of my friends at church to pray for you, too, and I recorded that in my diary."

     The day and time the believers in a church in the Midwest were prompted to pray for the Carlsons in Alaska was exactly the time - given difference in time zones - that my parents were in mortal danger in the whiteout.

     At times, our prayers may seem routine, but God works in and beyond our lives in ways we only sometimes recognize. Please pray for the servants and the programs of ECF, that the financial resources will come in due season to meet the needs - physical, educational, and spiritual - of all those ECF seeks to serve. Through prayer, we will sustain ECF’s current programs and, life by life, will see new Kingdom Openings.

Summer English Teaching Team Needs You
     ECF invites you to join the upcoming 2012 Summer English Teaching Program in China. We appreciate your partnership to form the teaching team, not only to visit and experience China, but also to make an impact on the lives of young people.

Date: July 16 to 27, 2012
Place: Hangzhou
Locations:YWCA, Zhejiang Theological Seminary and Hangzhou School District
Teachers Needed: 6-8

     Applications are now available. For further information, please visit our website at You may also contact Rachel Shackleford by email at or call our headquarters at (626) 288-8828.

ECF 65th Anniversary Celebration Tour to China
     The year 2012 is our 65th Anniversary. A special celebration tour will be organized to visit China from July 24th to 30th. The main purpose of this tour is to visit two mission fields that ECF has been involved with for many years. You will see the beautiful city of Hangzhou where our English Teaching Team will be this summer, and you will join with them on the closing day program. We will also visit the new location of the Macau Orphanage. You will have a good time meeting with the children that you sponsor. The most exciting part is to join the ECF family in thanksgiving of the 65th Anniversary Celebration in Macau.

     If you are interested in joining the tour, please contact our Headquarters for more information.