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Vol. 14 No. 5
Sep/Oct 2010

A. Higher Vision
B. Modern Miracles
C. Global Challenges
D. Love in Action
E. In Context
F. Mission Opportunities

Gospel Outreach - Blessings and Opportunities

     We are most thankful to the Lord for His wonderful blessings that have come upon our Gospel Outreach ministries, especially in China. We received good news from Siehui Christian Church which ECF helped to rebuild only a few years ago. On Sunday, August 1, 2010, this countryside church witnessed 93 new believers who received baptism.

     What a joy to see a congregation about 50 grow to about 500 in only a short time. When God's children work together in His love, the Body of Christ just continue to grow for His glory. Praise the Lord!

     With invitations from churches in Germany and Switzerland, Dr. Szeto will be sharing exciting news in the mission fields with the hope that more Christians from these countries will take advantage of these great opportunities to serve the Lord with the Gospel and His eternal love. Thank you for your vital part in our growing ministry.

Please continue to be our Missions Partners. Pray for Dr. Szeto's Mission Travel.

  12    ECF International Chapel, Monterey Park, CA.
  19    Chinese Zion Baptist Church, Eagle Rock, CA.
  23    Azusa Pacific University Board of Trustees, Azusa, CA.
  24    Los Angeles to Stuttgard, Germany
  26    9:00am Ev. Kirche, Meidelstetten
          10:15am Ev. Kirche, Bernloch
  29    Oeschingen Groups
  30    ECF German Committee

    3    10:00am Ev. Kirche, Frankenhardt-Oberspeltach
    4    ECF Committee, Switzerland
    5    7:30pm Chrischona-Gemeinde, Muttenz
    6    6:00pm Freie Kirche, Uster
    7    Zurich to Los Angeles
  20    New City School, Shanghai, China
  23    Senior Home, Shanghai, China
  24    Christian Church, Hangzhou, China
  25    YWCA, Hangzhou, China
  29    ECF Board, Hong Kong
  31    Grace Chapel, Macau

Abundant Grace - Life Witness of Rev. Daniel Cheung
By Shirley Cheung

Rev. Daniel Cheung at L.A. Crusade

Shirley Cheung, author(R) and her mother

     April 6, 2008 was an unforgettable day in my life!

     I was born and raised in a Christian home with devoted parents. I enjoy the genuine love relationships between my parents, my brother, his wife and their daughter.

     In February 2008, my father, whom everybody called "Rev. Cheung", served as the Vice President of Life Messengers, and accompanied President James Chu and the Evangelistic Team with eight persons to San Francisco and Los Angeles for a series of Gospel meetings. More than 4,000 came to these crusades. At the end of every meeting, Rev. Cheung witnessed many decisions of new believers responding to his alter call. The entire team returned to Hong Kong with great joy.

     April 6, 2008 was a Sunday. Our family went to church as usual. After worship, we had a simple lunch at a cafe nearby before returning home. Around five o'clock, while my father was doing some reading in the living room; my mother was preparing dinner in the kitchen, and I was on my computer in my room, All of a sudden, an alarming voice came from the living room. I rushed out and found my father fallen on the floor, murmuring. Mother was totally shocked as she came out from the kitchen and urged me to call 999 emergency. My father was having a stroke!

     From that day on, all our family members went through eight long months of rough life as on a roller coaster. Medical report indicated that Rev. Cheung, my dear father, had a stoke with a serious blood clot on the right side of his brain. Too much pressure on the cerebrum would be fatal. Even immediate surgery would only have a small chance of survival. My faith in God was truly shaken by this bad news. But at the same time, my mother was very calm. "Doctor" she pleaded, "please do your best to help Rev. Cheung."

     As a retired medical person, mother knew in her heart that the real healer is God our Father in Haven. She comforted us saying: "At this point, we can offer very little to help by our own power. With great medical care from the surgeon, we must commit Rev. Cheung into God's hands. If God takes him to his home in heaven, it would be God's good will. All we must do is to accept and to follow God's plan." My brother then prayed for all of us in the ward. During the eight hours of surgery, many brothers and sisters were praying in the hospital.

     By faith, we willingly accepted the reality and uttered no complaint. The deep love my mother had demonstrated toward the almighty God and her sick husband truly impacted my own heart. I witnessed God's daily presence and blessing that came upon my parents. God answered our prayers. My father woke up a little over a month after the brain operation.

     During the eight-month stay in the hospital, Rev. Cheung's path of recovery had many ups and downs. But we were - and are - confident that God will continue to lead the way. Today, Rev. Cheung's eye expressions reflect his firm determination in trusting God and in fighting off the evil attacks with a strong faith. Even while he was confined to the hospital bed, Rev. Cheung often prayed for all those who are sick. A number of people accepted Jesus Christ as Savior through our personal witnessing in the hospital.

     Now, the greatest joy for my father is going to church every Sunday and partake of communion. He knows that, as a servant of the Lord, he must be faithful in worship and in service regardless of world situations. He was given physical therapy twice a week which gave him much joy in various physical exercises.

     Daily life for my father, now, is very simple and basic. However, as I embrace him in prayer every morning, I deeply sensed the peace and joy he has. He really knows how to let go and let God! As the Bible says, "So, don't worry at all about having enough food and clothing. Why be like the heathen? For they take pride in all these things and are deeply concerned about them. But your heavenly Father already knows perfectly well that you need them, and He will give them to you if you give Him first place in your life and live as He wants you to." (Matthew 6:31-33)

     Through this life incident, the faith of my parents truly impacted my spiritual life and motivated me and my brother in Christian service. My brother has enrolled at the Concordia Seminary for theological courses and joined the Worship Team at Life Messengers. I am also taking some Bible courses and participate in the Evangelistic Ministry.

     God has reestablished my faith in Him through my parents' life experiences. It also reminds us that each child of God must maintain a good relationship with his or her earthly parents and with God in Heaven.

     Finally, I thank God for leading us through all trials and tribulations with rich blessings. We proclaim from our hearts: "The Lord has certainly helped us!" (I Samuel 7:12)

2010 English Teaching Teams

        Two of this year's Team Members were stricken with unexpected illness. Ms. Donna Davis who was teaching in Shijiazhuang returned to the United States halfway through the Mission for emergency surgery. Meanwhile, Mr. Walter Kwok, scheduled to teach in Hangzhou, was unable to join this year's group. We praise God that both are well into recovery!

Team Shijiazhuang

Molly Chang - "God provided"

     This summer I was given the opportunity again by ECF to teach teachers in China.

     My first team was in Shijiazhuang 42nd Middle School. Since I've known most of the 70 English teachers there, our communication was very open. They were honest about their frustrations in the classrooms and I was able to bring some smiles back to their faces by sharing the Western teaching strategies. In those two weeks, I witnessed a community of teachers with different backgrounds and cultures sharing ideas, brainstorming strategies, and most importantly, building up each other as educators. What a beautiful sight of professional community!

     The teaching had been successful in Shijiazhuang, but some unforeseen illness happened to my teammates, which led me to join the Hangzhou team briefly in the following week. In the end, the obstacles made both teams stronger. God took care of all the problems for us. I am so grateful for this experience.

Donna Davis - "God orchestrated everything"

     What a blessing it was to go to China and teach. Although my stay was shortened by illness, I experienced an enormous amount of God's love and movement in just one week. Everyone in the class was so friendly and eager to learn and use English. He orchestrated everything - the lessons and the methodology - with the Holy Spirit guiding us. I looked forward to each and every teaching session!

     Working with Rachel and Molly was such a blessing. Everyone that we met in China was so friendly and open. It was easy to exchange ideas and bond quickly. The staff was always concerned about our comfort. As I became extremely ill, they saw that I got the best care possible and would not leave my side. It was amazing how in the beginning of the week I ministered to them; and by the end of the week they were telling me how much my God loved me! I want to thank everyone for this amazing experience.

Rachel Shackleford - "God's grace saw us through"

     This was my second trip to teach English to the Chinese English Teachers in Shijiazhuang. I was especially excited to be teaching alongside my Mother. We had a wonderful experience teaching the teachers from the previous year; continuing the relationships already started. They eagerly conversed in English and learned new ways to implement teaching games to their students. A group of students, preparing to take an oral examination to study in Singapore for the next school year, also joined us.

     Unexpectedly, my trip ended early because my mother became suddenly ill. But with God's grace, we were able to return to the US in time for her to have the surgery she needed. We saw the Lord "make a way where there seemed to be no way;" not only for the remainder of the Shijiazhuang teaching, but also for Hangzhou.

     Two new team members came to teach in Hangzhou and made an even bigger impact for His work in China.

Team Hangzhou

Peter Hester - Amazing Growth

     The two weeks spent with pastors, seminary students, and church volunteer workers at the Zhejiang Theological Seminary in Hangzhou was an encouraging and educational experience. I was blessed by the faith and dedication of these godly men and women and delighted in hearing of their experiences with the Lord and current ministries. As their confidence in communication increased and our relationships grew, many opportunities for humor and serious discussion presented themselves.

     The Seminary was an ideal location, providing a lecture room, accommodation for students and a retreat area for rest time; and the catering was excellent.

     The YWCA provided flawless support and the helpers assigned was the key to effective communication. Our hosts' generosity allowed us to explore much of Hangzhou's scenic beauty during the weekends, which we greatly appreciated.

     Overall, this program has come a long way since our first involvement nearly 20 years ago. The accommodation and welfare of the team is comfortable and the resources for teaching are well up to date.

Lynette Hester - "Opportunities for exchange"

     For the past two weeks it has been my privilege to work with 18 elementary school teachers in the English Conversation / Western Teaching Methodology program in Hangzhou.

     The teachers were eager both to practice and improve their English speaking skills and to expand their range of teaching methodologies and tools. Through songs, games, chants, drama, language exercises, and presentations, there were rich cultural and professional exchange, as well as opportunities for sharing about the Kingdom.

     More specifically, there was the opportunity to have a wonderful discussion with my two helpers over afternoon ice cream. One belonged to the Lord and the other, a wonderful young student, showed a keen interest in learning about the faith. One of the pastors had brought copies of "A Purpose Driven Life" and the young helper eagerly accepted a copy to read.

Brianna Lesh - "I loved every minute of it"

     When I accepted the last minute opportunity to teach English in Hangzhou, I really had no expectations at all. I had no idea what I had signed up for, but thankfully God had placed me in a position that was just right for me. I was charged with teaching "creative English" to a group of 30 students. I loved every minute of it. The older students were wonderful to work with, and even stepped in to help translate for the younger students. My teaching assistants were a blessing. The students seemed to love games, especially opportunities to compete with each other.

     I was especially impressed with one student who asked if she could write me daily letters, which I edited for grammar and spelling, and then returned to her with feedback. I feel truly blessed to have been given the opportunity to work with these kids, and I hope and pray that this program continues with great successes in the years to come.

Cory Justus - "He sent me to China"

     I joined the Hangzhou group as one of its last minute members after being contacted through the organization I originally came to China with. I am a long term Teacher in Wuhan, and have been living in China for almost three years. I teach English in one of the best high schools in China currently. Unfortunately, there is extremely limited time to speak with students and develop relationships.

     Hangzhou was a great chance that God provided me to spend large amounts of quality time with the students and teacher assistants there. God just reminded me that this is why He sent me to China, and to continue being passionate about my students here in Wuhan. Also, it was wonderful to see how God is working in Hangzhou, and to hear what the students already knew about Jesus. I just want to say thank you to ECF for blessing me with the chance to be a part of what God is doing in Hangzhou.

Winston Wang - "I really had an enjoyable time"

     I am so fortunate and glad that I was presented with the opportunity to teach English in Hangzhou, China, this year. I really did not know what to expect and was caught by surprise when Molly Chang asked me if I wanted to go this year. Having never taught English, I was expecting a pretty difficult task before me as I boarded the plane to China. However, with the help of my wonderful teacher aides, the whole experience was not only easy, but it was quite enjoyable. I really had a lot of fun the whole time. The children were not only courteous, but they were playful and really made me laugh. They were very eager learners. I entered the classroom each morning to enthusiastic greetings. I would love to go back next year, for this really was a great experience overall, and I thank God for all His wonderful blessings!

Erhu Concert Touched Lives
     Miss Xiaohui Ma, China's renowned Erhu virtuoso came to Los Angeles for a special musical event held at the ECF Global Communication Center on August 25. She was well recognized for her duet with the famous cellist Yo-Yo Ma in the Oscar-winning soundtrack of the film "Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon". This event was sponsored by ECF, the International Chapel, and the Franklin Foundation. Also featured were Ms. Ling Yan, cellist, and Mr. Kevin Liu, pianist, both from China. We expected a small gathering so that these musicians could have fellowship with old friends and a time of sharing. But over 130 came, which added much joy to all because many new friends were introduced to our guest musicians. Several professors from Azusa Pacific University joined the evening, sharing time with delicious Chinese food. Many lives were touched by classical and spiritual music.

     Since Miss Ma also serves as the Cultural Ambassador to the 2010 World Expo in Shanghai, she was invited by Bill Bogaard, Mayor of Pasadena, for a special meeting at the City Hall. Anthony Wong, Mayor of Monterey Park also presented Miss Ma a Certificate of Recognition to encourage her to do more for building good relationship between China and America.

From a Small Classroom to a Global Stage
     The 17 students who participated in the ECF English Programs in Hangzhou, China, came to Los Angeles for an Educational Exchange Program from Aug. 5-12. ECF hosted a special welcoming dinner at the Headquarters. Prof. Anthony Chen, Vice President of ECF, presented appreciation gifts to all members. Following the personal greeting from Ms Elizabeth He, YWCA General Secretary, every student gave his or her own story, in the English language, of how the ECF Programs has impacted his or her life. A warm welcome came from Mayor Anthony Wong of Monterey Park at the City Hall. Each student received a gold pin from the Mayor. Five university students were excited to receive a personal hug from Dr. David Bixby, Vice President of Azusa Pacific University during a short visit to the campus. The greatest joy for them was a reunion with several teachers - Molly Chang, Donna Davis, Rachel Shackleford, and Brianna Lesh. Upon their return to China, they sent a strong message saying that this Exchange experience has allowed them to move from "a small classroom to a global stage." They are deeply grateful to God's grace.

Macau, Part II

By Dr. Ralph S. Carlson

     Over the centuries, in the push and pull of political control of Macau, Chinese and foreign governments and imposed a variety of constraints on people in Macau and on China's mainland. While Robert Morrison studied both Chinese and theology at home in England before being sent out by the London Missionary Society in 1806, he supported himself, more often than not, by working as a translator for the British East India Company in Guangdong (Canton) and in Macau. Complying with Chinese government policy, the East India Company would not transport missionaries to China on its ships. Morrison, therefore, sailed first to America, and then to China via an American vessel.

     In Macau, he consulted with Sir George Thomas Staunton of the British East India Company who advised him of all the obstacles to missionaries in China, and of the constraints Protestants would face in Portuguese-controlled Macau whose major Christian presence was Roman Catholic. Morrison then settled in Guangdong among the foreign nationals allowed to reside on a strip of territory allotted for trading companies there and set about working with tutors in Mandarin, Cantonese, and in literary Chinese.

     In Morrison's time, foreign women were not permitted to stay in the foreigners' stations in Guangdong. Chinese government policy forbade religious activity by foreigners. Thus, after Morrison married in 1809, his wife could reside in Macau, but not in Guangdong when his work took him there. In Guangdong, in 1809, Morrison accepted an official position as a translator with the East India Company. Though such a move by a missionary was controversial, the appointment gave him a status with the Chinese government that was not controversial, reduced financial strain on the London Missionary Society, and allowed corporate backing, at times, for his publication of Chinese-English materials.

     As part of Morrison's study of Chinese in London, he and his tutor made daily visits to the British Museum and transcribed manuscripts of a Latin-Chinese dictionary, and a Chinese translation of the synoptic gospels, presumably done by a Jesuit missionary in the 1700s. In his years in Guangdong and Macau, as his command of Chinese improved, Morrison translated both Chinese literature and Christian scriptures. In 1810 he published The Book of Acts in Chinese; in 1811, the Gospel of Luke; by 1812, he published the complete New Testament.

     In 1815, the directors of the East India Company, concerned with Morrison's continued production of scriptures, theological books and religious tracts that countered the Chinese government ban on religious activity by foreigners, issued a letter of censure and dismissal from headquarters. The company management in Guangdong, delivered it to Morrison, but did not act on the order. That year, he published an outline of Old Testament history, translations from Chinese literature, a Chinese grammar text, and the first third of a dictionary which was completed in 1832. In 1819, Morrison collaborating with William Milne, produced the full Bible in Chinese.

     In 1821, Morrison's wife, Mary, died. The East India Company purchased a plot of ground and secured Portuguese government permission to bury her and other Protestants there. Previously, non-Catholic foreigners who died were buried outside the city walls at night, in hopes of avoiding notice of Chinese authorities who forbade burial of foreign dead on Chinese soil. The Portuguese administration allowed construction of a small chapel next to the cemetery grounds, and burials of foreigners were permitted through 1858, when the available space was filled. The cemetery is now a World Heritage site, and the chapel, known as Morrison Chapel, continues in use as an international church by the Anglican Diocese of Hong Kong and Macau.

**** More on Macau in the next issue ****

[To direct support to the ECF Children's Home or to the Computer Training Center in Macau, contact Kate Reyes at ECF Headquarters.]

Sixth Anniversary Cerebration for Grace Chapel in Macau with Baptism
     August 1, 2010 was a great day for the entire congregation at the ECF Grace Chapel in Macau. Miss Chen from Hong Kong gave a special Bible message "Christ is our Life".

     The children's choir from the orphanage presented a song. Sixty worshipers witnessed one new believer being baptized into the Kingdom of God. Rev. Eddie Chen officiated the sacred ceremony. Mr. Stephen Leung, ECF Board member from the USA, presented special gifts (Bibles and Flowers) and Baptism Certificate to Chi-dah Luk; and Membership Certificate to Miss Lai-may Lo. A fellowship luncheon followed. A special Discipleship Class will be offered to these new Christians and others who may want to be better equipped for the Lord's work.

     The Computer Center program continues to serve the youth in the community. Mr. Chris Choi, a faithful supporter of ECF outreach ministries in Macau, came to visit the Computer Center in July and donated a love gift of $2,000 Macau dollars to support this needy program.