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Vol. 14 No. 4
Jul/Aug 2010

A. Higher Vision
B. Modern Miracles
C. Global Challenges
D. Love in Action
E. In Context
F. Mission Opportunities

The Dr. J. Edwin Orr Revival Center

     It was exactly thirty years ago this month of July in 1980, Dr. J. Edwin Orr introduced Dr. Paul Szeto to the ECF International Board as the new General Director for this growing mission with Headquarters in Pasadena. Our Board has decided to establish a Revival Center to honor this great servant of God. Please pray for this new ministry and support us with God's leading.


     The Dr. J. Edwin Orr Revival Center is a new ministry of ECF in honor of Dr. Orr for his dynamic leadership and influence in the church revival movement as well as his years of teaching, writing and mentorship in this special area.


     For the organizing stage, this center will be housed inside the ECF International Headquarters in Monterey Park. California. However, it will be moved to Pasadena when a new location is found.


   1. Exhibit an historical display of various books, photos and facts on various revivals in Christendom.

   2. Promote prayers for revival through Personal Renewal and Congregational Transformation and Global Revival.

   3. Conduct lectureships and seminars related to church revival. In partnership with Fuller Theological Seminary and other seminaries and churches, offer lectures and seminars on prayer and revival with speakers from many nations (patterned after the Oxford Conference which was conducted by Dr. Orr for years).

   4. Publish and provide books, DVDs, articles on prayer, and revival.

   5. Host special prayer groups, Bible study for seniors, women and couples.

   6. Organize tours to visit growing churches in China where real spiritual growth and transformation are taking place.

   7. Sponsor Chinese pastors and Christian leaders from growing churches in China to come to the United States for Revival Conferences and Special Seminars as a practical way to promote personal renewal, congregational transformation and global revival.


   1. Form an Advisory Council with committed and influential Christian leaders who have been involved in the movement.

   2. In partnership with the faculty from Fuller Theological Seminary and church leaders, to plan various programs.

   3. Raise financial support for the center and related programs.


     If you are interested in this exciting ministry, please contact Dr. Harold Lane or Dr. Paul Szeto at (626)288-8828; ECF International Headquarters in California.

A Loss turns into Great Blessings

By Stephen Leung

     In late 2004, because of a reflux problem, my physician gave me a prescription to take on daily basis for a month; and then the problem subsided. However, it surfaced again in March 2005 and I had the prescription refilled. In mid April, I went on a business trip to Miami with the prescription in my attache case. After the business meeting, together with a colleague from overseas, we left the attache cases in the trunk and went inside a restaurant for lunch. When we returned to the car and opened the trunk, both attache cases were gone: stolen. There was nothing much we could do but to file a police report. I did not bother to get a refill since I felt good after I had taken part of the previous prescription.

     On a Sunday morning, in late April, I found my excrement was exceptionally dark in color and slurry. I was alarmed but gave an excuse to wait one more day to see what it really was. I did not tell anyone about this situation, not even my wife, Susan, as she was preparing to go on a business trip to China. In the next ensuing two days, the appearances had changed lighter and in more solid form. Finally on the advice of a brother who was a medical professional in China before coming to the States, I went to see my doctor Thursday morning. I was given a test in the clinic which confirmed that I had internal bleeding and needed to enter the hospital for further and in depth examination. I drove to the hospital by myself without telling the children because I thought I could be home in a few hours. I spent the whole afternoon in the hospital for several tests and finally had to have an endoscopy of the stomach. It was at that moment that I called my son and told him where I was. He came in time when the doctor finished the endoscopy. The doctor confirmed that there were signs of ulcers in my stomach and had taken specimens for biopsy. I had to stay in the hospital overnight.

     That weekend at home was like eternity. On late Monday afternoon, the doctor informed me of the biopsy results which indicated that there were cancer cells in my stomach and they must be removed immediately. The news was such a thunderous blow to me. My tears began falling and I could not withhold myself from crying. At the moment, a voice pierced through my ears saying: "Fear not. I will not forsake you, for you are My child." I stopped crying and began praying to God; asking for help to get me through this difficult time in my life. I also had to share this sad news with my wife who later told me that after she heard from me about ten thousand miles away, she shivered under the blanket for the whole night and couldn't get to sleep.

     Thanks to God, for He has everything planned for me. A church deacon who is also a renowned GI specialist in Evanston Hospital lined up all the arrangements for me to consult with surgeons, radiologist, and oncologist. On May 18, 2005, I had the surgery which removed half of the stomach. The surgery took close to four hours and determined that it was a Stage One B stomach cancer. My pastors, family members and dear brothers and sisters all over the world prayed fervently for a smooth operation and speedy recovery. I did not experience any pain from the operation nor had I to take a pain killer in the entire recovery period. Another amazing fact is that, in the subsequent six months of chemotherapy and radiation, I did not suffer a single adverse effect such as mouth sores, hair loss, vomiting or nausea. Had I not revealed my medical situation, no one could tell I was under a long period of cancer treatment.

     It is a blessing from God that I lost the reflux medication which led to the discovery of the cancer. Had it been discovered later, the prognosis would be a lot different. This life experience is so precious to me. Truly, a loss turns into great blessings. He saved me again, and I belong to Him forever. I treasure every day which He has given me since. Together with our family, Susan and I are totally committed anew to love and serve Him in all the days of our lives. Jesus Christ is so faithful in caring for everyone He has created and redeemed. Praise the Lord!

Computer Center Reopened
     The ECF Computer Center was reopened. A thanksgiving ceremony was held on Pentecost Sunday, May 23, 2010, which was exactly the same day that the Center opened twelve years ago. The first class was held on June 12 with the Orphanage Youth Group that came to learn how to install computers. The Center purchased three new computers and the other seven computers will be installed by the Orphanage Youth Group. The center will be a blessing for the community. Please pray for this outreach program and also the financial needs for the center.

Storm Damages walls in Grace Home
     About 130 feet of the Grace Home compound wall will be reconstructed due to a cyclone that hit the area in May. Many coconut trees were also uprooted. These were due to a severe heat wave that caused temperatures to go up to 48Celsius (118 Fahrenheit). Meanwhile, summer has ended in India and the children have started a new school year.

Leadership Training in Sihui
     On May 27, 2010, Rev. Eddie Chan, ECF Ministry Assistant in Hong Kong, conducted a Leadership Training Seminar in Sihui, China. Twenty eight church leaders came to the seminar zealously studying the book of Ted W. Engstrom, The Making of a Christian Leader to learn how to be effectively and efficiently serving the Lord and the fast growing church. Please pray that God may use this quarterly training seminar to equip more personnel for His Kingdom.

International Chapel has a New Team for a growing ministry
     Pastor Jin has completed his one year internship and is seeking a full-time position in another church. For this summer, the ECF International Chapel is blessed with four young leaders to promote the caring Groups Ministry. Yolinda Qu, a law student at George Washington University is the Coordinator for Community Concerns. Xun Yu, a graduate student at the California International Theological Seminary serves as Small Caring Groups Coordinator. Nine caring groups are now functioning with effectiveness. Carol Zhao and Kevin Liu from California Baptist University in Riverside are leading the music worship team for Sunday programs. More than 20 people joined the worship at the July 4th Rose Bowl fireworks celebration with great fellowship.

Scholarship provided for Students
     ECF will be providing scholarships in Vietnam for needy students. Through the assistance of Mr. Hai Huynh, ECF's contact person in Vietnam, three international students have been selected to receive the support which will cover one year of studies.

Vacation Bible School held
     There were 102 children who participated at this year's VBS. The theme was "Caring for God's Creation" which encouraged the children to learn about God and His creation. In preparation for the new school year, school bags filled with supplies were distributed to each of the sponsored children.

Retreat at the Beach
     A church retreat was held and 81 people joined the event. Testimony sharing, fellowship games, a Bible study on the Full Armor of God, and a baptism for six new believers were held at the Thmor Rung Waterfall. Everyone who attended was blessed and recommitted to follow Jesus Christ and to serve one another.

Equipping Chinese Leaders at the Azusa Pacific University
     Several years ago, a Special International Scholarship was established by ECF International at Azusa Pacific University where Dr. Paul Szeto served for nine years as a member of the Board of Trustees. This scholarship has blessed many young and talented leaders from China; coming from various professions. For this year, four leading medical nursing professionals were invited by the APU School of Nursing to come for three months of special training. Jane Biyun Tang, Nurse Manager of the Post-Anesthesia Care Unit; Swallow Shuangyan Xu, Recovery Room nurse; Ellen Lili Zhou, Cardiac Care Unit Nurse; and Suring Linling Shao, Emergency Department Nurse, all came from the Second Affiliated Hospital of Zhejiang University, College of Medicine in Hangzhou, China. Other than serious studies at the University, they also visited many hospitals and Christian communities in Southern California; and gave lectures at APU.

     A special ceremony was held at the President's Dining Room at APU on June 22, 2010 for the successful completion of the Nursing Leadership and Management Program for International Scholars. All four returned to China on June 28.

Macau, Part I

By Dr. Ralph S. Carlson

     Modern day Macau is a Special Administrative Region on the southern coast of China, where the Pearl River empties into the South China Sea. With Hong Kong, as land leases ended and China resumed political control at the end of the Twentieth Century, Macau maintains a free-market socio-economic system different from the Mainland China system of central planning. In recent decades, gambling casinos have become a major sector of the Macau economy.

     Archaeological artifacts indicate that people have lived on the Macau Peninsula and the island of Coloane for about 5000 years. Trading ships on routes between China and other Pacific Asian ports have used the area for transfer of goods and resupply since the Fifth Century A.D. As European colonial powers built commercial empires in the Sixteenth Century, the Portuguese took control of Goa on the coast of India and part of modern Malaysia, and established trade connections in several coastal cities in China.

     Relations between Portuguese traders and Chinese imperial authorities alternated between good and bad during the 1500s. In the 1520s, the Ming dynasty resisted foreign contact, but by 1557 the Ming court was persuaded to grant the Portuguese a permanent trading base at Macau. Rent on the land was paid to China beginning in 1573. In 1582, a formal lease was signed and annual rent was paid to China. Though Chinese inhabitants commonly outnumbered the Portuguese, Portugal appointed governors for Macau, and maintained political and economic control until 1999, sometimes through amicably negotiated treaties with China, and sometimes via military force and expulsion of Chinese inhabitants.

     Tidal area between the islands of Coloane and Taipa were filled in to form a single land mass, presently linked to the peninsula by three bridges.

     For several decades in of the Sixteenth and Seventeenth centuries, Spain and Portugal were closely allied, and merchant ships from both nations used Macau as a major port of call in trade between Asian ports -- Nagasaki in Japan, Manila in the Philippines, Goa in India, etc., and other ports in China, as well as Spanish and Portuguese home ports and colonial ports in the Americas.

     Along with the economic success of Macau which led to similar growth of commercial traffic of nearby Hong Kong which became a British colony, came the liabilities of European conflicts. During the years the Netherlands fought for independence from Spanish rule, the Dutch several times attacked Macau, prompting the Portuguese to build fortifications to withstand attack from the sea.

     In 1685, the emperor of China ended the exclusive trading rights of the Portuguese, and merchant ships of other nations were allowed access to Canton (Guangdong) upriver from Macau. Dutch, English and American companies all worked to expand their trade with China, and the British East India Company established a base in Macau in the 1820s.

     As European powers expanded trade routes and claimed colonies in various parts of the world, Roman Catholic priests commonly accompanied the explorers. Jesuit missioners from Portugal established work in Macau in the 1560s, and the Dominican order began work in the 1580s. Protestant influence became noticeable with the arrival of the British East India Company, as employees were required to attend Anglican chapel weekly, and one employee Robert Morrison, committed more to evangelism than to commerce, set to the task of translating the bible into Chinese.

     ***More on Macau in the next issue***

     [To direct support to the ECF Children's Home or to the Computer Training Center in Macau, contact Kate Reyes at ECF Headquarters.]

English Teaching Team in Shijiazhuang
     The first English Teaching Team safely arrived Shijiazhuang via Beijing. The class at the 42nd Middle School began July 5 with over 50 local English teachers attending. Our teachers Molly Chang, Donna Davis and Rachel Shackleford will concentrate on teaching "Western Teaching Methodology".

     The second team will be leaving for Hangzhou, China on July 16. Peter and Lynette Hester of Australia will travel from Thailand; Winston Wang and Brianna Lesh will travel from USA; Cory Justus will travel from Wuhan, China. Due to health issue, Walter Kwok will not be able to lead the teaching team to Hangzhou this year.

     Please support these teams in your prayers, especially remembering their safety and health while in China.

     For financial support, you may send donations to: ECF International, 437 S. Garfield Ave., Monterey Park, CA 91754, U.S.A. (Please specify: E.T. China 2010)