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Vol. 14 No. 2
Mar/Apr 2010

A. Higher Vision
B. Modern Miracles
C. Global Challenges
D. Love in Action
E. In Context
F. Mission Opportunities


By Dr. Paul Szeto

     The year 2010 presented to ECF an exciting future of practical ministry with global impact. God continues to open many doors for the Gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ in many countries. Through Missions Partnership, we are able to develop strong programs to benefit thousands of needy people.

     Dr. Nathan Yeh will be traveling with me in the up-coming Spring Asian Mission Trip. In addition to preaching and singing, we will conduct Training Seminars for Church Leaders. We are so thankful for the completion of the rebuilding project for the Moon Mountain Church in Kaiping. ECF and a donor in Seattle provided a love gift for the remodeling of this old church. Rev. He, Chairman of the Kaiping Christian Council, invited Dr. Nathan Yeh and me to this historic celebration on March 27, 2010. We will witness the grace of God in the reopening of this place of worship with outreach to the community.

     We are most grateful for the partnership of Media Evangelism in Hong Kong. With their support, the 13 DVD documentary "The Sound of Life" which was produced by our Global Communication Center with Chinese Sub-titles will be on TV in Hong Kong around Easter time.

     Please continue to be our Missions Partners with prayers and support.

  7    Sunday worship - Eagle Rock Chinese Zion Baptist Church
14    Baptism Conference - ECF International Chapel
20    Media Evangelism Conference - Hong Kong
21    Sunday worship - Grace Chapel, Macau. Leadership Seminar in the afternoon
22    Social Work Department - Macau
23    Messengers of Life
24    Board meeting - Education & Culture Foundation in Hong Kong
27    Dedication Ceremony for the rebuilt Moon Mountain Church in Kaiping
28    Sunday morning worship - Xinchong Christian Church in Kaiping

  2    Good Friday Youth Outreach with music - ECF International Chapel
  4    Easter Worship with Baptism and Third Anniversary Celebration for ECF International Chapel
25    Sunday worship - ECF International Chapel

  6    National Day of Prayer - Royal Oaks Manor & Bradbury Oaks
23    Sunday worship - ECF International Chapel

Dr. Paul Szeto & Dr. Nathan Yeh

We May Be Instruments
By Philip K.L. Ng

     It is often during times of adversity and crisis that our faith is challenged and further crystallized. Faith is often used generically and becomes the object of attention. Rather, it is upon whom this faith rests that should be the object of attention. The Psalmist puts it as "What is man that Thou dost take thought of him?" Because we are created in God's image and He reconciled us to Him through Jesus, we can have a basis of faith for sustenance.

     My father, Daniel Ng, was a successful engineer at the Northrop Corporation for many years and retired in 1991. After retirement, life became a daily battle with death. He experienced five major hospitalizations over nine years. His first major surgery was in May 1997 with quintuple bypass. By God's grace, he was home after two weeks in the hospital. But he was rushed to the hospital again less than half a month later due to serious infection throughout the body, which brought on high fever. With quick treatment by experienced doctors and the removal of certain infected muscle, his life was preserved again. A year later, infection came again on a hot August day. This time, he almost lost his faith in God due to a six-week stay in the hospital. Through prayers and trust, he regained the vitality to live. The fourth challenge came in May 2002 with spinal and back pain which also required hospitalization. Skillful treatment and rehab revitalized his spirit with renew energy. Unfortunately, his stroke in May 2004 really devastated him in many ways. We are deeply grateful to the Lord that Mom and I were able to rush him to the emergency room in time for quick resuscitation and thus avoid serious damage to the brain, his speech and other functions.

     During each of these episodes, God's faithfulness was continually demonstrated through the provision of healthcare personnel, hospital support staff, and family/friends. Despite the physical and emotional struggles then and even in the aftermath with the ongoing aging process, it is the peace of Jesus Christ that continues to carry all of us as our focus is to be on Him and not merely on the here and now. God has used these hospitalizations to bring about His plans of showing Himself to those around who may not know of His loving kindness. The number of people that came in contact with my father anf the family during the hospitalization, rehabilitation and office visits provided a "Mission field" to let Jesus shine. Rebecca, my sister, put it this way: "Dad's life and faith have withstood the test of time and the storm of trials. Likewise, he has received the many blessings that undeniably proclaim our Lord as sovereign. During his pain and suffering, he still manages to praise the Lord and show a beaming smile to his five grandchildren."

     God not only saved my Dad's life; but also gave him and my Mom a stronger faith to live on. After his 80th birthday celebration, he worked with Dr. Paul Szeto to publish his testimony in a little book "Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow." He wrote about his Five Thanksgivings and called my Mom Janet "A Wonder Woman" who went through all the suffering with him. He concluded his book saying: "My source of strength comes from God and the power of the cross through the constant presence of the resurrected Lord Jesus Christ."

     As trials continue, I hope and pray that our faith in God continue to be strengthened and that we may be instruments through His working that others may come to faith in Jesus Christ.

Daniel & Janet Ng with their son Philip

Reaching out with God's Love
     The children of the Fellowship Orphanage brought Chinese New Year greetings to a Senior Home in Macau. They presented song and dance numbers and played games with the residents. The outreach gave the children an opportunity to build relations and to share the love of God with the elderly community.

Monterey Park's Mayor visits the Orphanage
     Mayor Anthony Wong of the City of Monterey Park, together with ECF Staff member, Ambrose Leong, and 7 community leaders from the Los Angeles area, visited the Macau Fellowship Orphanage last February 22. This was Mayor Wong's first homecoming since he left Macau 46 years ago. In celebration of the Chinese New Year, the US delegation presented each child with HK$100 and brought gifts for the staff.

Prayer Request: Please pray for the spiritual growth of the staff and the children.

Moon Mountain Church Remodeling completed
     Moon Mountain Church in Kaiping, Guangdung, China will celebrate the re-opening of the newly rebuilt building for worship on March 27, 2010. ECF provided a total of U.S. $28,000 for the remodeling of the old building. Dr. Paul Szeto, along with two Board members, Dr. Nathan Yeh and Mr. Stephen Leung will be attending this ceremony.

Prayer Request: Please keep praying for this church as pastoral staff will be needed.

Children celebrate Valentine's Day
     During Sunday school on February 14, the children made Valentine's Day cards for their parents, friends and loved ones to express their love.

Prayer Request: Pray that the recent outbreak of German measles will not affect the children.

Bible Institute commissions New Graduates
     The graduation ceremony of the Bethel Bible Institute will be held on March 20, 2010. Praise God for all these graduates as they move one step forward to serve the Lord in different mission fields. May God bless their ministries and provide all the needs for them.

Prayer Request: Please also remember the needs for the new building project.

Pastors conduct Local Outreach Program
     Following Jesus' command to "go into the world and preach the Gospel," Pastor Samuel and some local pastors conducted outreaches to the surrounding villages in Guntur. They distributed tracks and prayed with the people. Meanwhile, the Grace Home also held a special program for the local children in the community with about 100 attending. The children played games and received toys and gifts.

Prayer Request: Pray for the health of Pastor and Mrs. Samuel as well as the children who are suffering with measles.

ECF exhibits at Mission Conference in Irvine, CA.
     Irvine Canaan Christian Community Church and the church pastor Elder David Fan invited ECF to participate in their Annual Mission Conference on March 5th thru 7th. Mr. Min Szeto and Miss Rachel Shackleford, represented ECF, managing an exhibition booth during the conference. The display of pictures, films and pamphlets was to introduce the ministries that ECF is doing in different countries. Molly Chang from this church has faithfully supported our English Teaching Program in China for many years. She has participated as head teacher for the program seven times already.

Prayer Request: Pray for the Summer English Teaching Program in China and that the Lord will bring teachers for this meaningful mission.

Productive Educational Partnership
     Hangzhou is one of the most beautiful cities in China. The magnificent West Lake attracts millions tourists every year. Chong-yi Church of Hangzhou is now the largest church in China with over 6,000 every Sunday worship. The Tuesday night youth meetings often witness 1,200 people with various programs. Zhejiang University in Hangzhou, founded in 1897, is one the oldest institutions of higher learning in China. It is composed of five campuses and four hospitals with 106 doctoral programs. Over these last seven years, with the help of Dr. Szeto who serves as a member of the Board of Trustees at Azusa Pacific University, this Christian institution in Southern California has established good exchange programs with Zhejiang University. ECF also works very closely with both the YMCA and YWCA in Hangzhou for English teacher training and medical services.

Ground Breaking Ceremony - March 2009
Seniors will be Blessed with a New Home & a New Church
     The most recent project started by the Hangzhou Christian Council is a large Home for the Aged with a church that sits about 1,000. Both Dr. Paul Szeto and Mr. Stephen Leung, members of the ECF Board attended the ground breaking ceremony last March. The entire project will be completed by June this year. Christian leaders in Hangzhou have great vision in the creation of this campus to care for about 150 seniors and to reach out to this growing community with a beautiful church. Caring for the aged has been one of the most successful outreach programs ECF has established in China in partnership with local government agencies. But this Home in Hangzhou is founded and operated by Christians. The quality of service will be much better and with spiritual impact. Ms. Elizabeth He, General Secretary of YWCA in Hangzhou and who was the speaker at the ECF Women's Conference held in Monterey Park, California, shared her vision and plans for coordinating a large team to train all the staff and workers. Ms. Sieyuen Chen, the architect, also expressed her high expectation for the outreach through various community programs. Rev. Joseph Gu, Pastor of the Chong-yi Church has a dedicated team of pastors and lay leaders who will coordinate this meaningful project. All members of the ECF Board, together with ECF staff and some mission partners in God's ministry, decided to provide a love gift of 1,000 chairs (or 200 pews) for the sanctuary of this beautiful church.

New Church

Christian Concerns in India

By Dr. Ralph S. Carlson

     According to Eastern Church or Orthodox tradition, Christian presence in India began with the arrival of the Apostle Thomas in the Kerala region in 52 AD. During the colonial era - the sixteenth through the twentieth centuries, Roman Catholic and multiple Protestant denominations - Lutheran, Methodist, Baptist, Congregational, Covenant, et cetera - established churches in various parts of India. Buddhism began in India roughly 400 years BC. The origins of Hinduism are ill-defined. Archeological findings lead scholars to believe the religion was well-established in Indus Valley culture more than 2000 years BC, and that ancient literature known to date does not point to a specific founder.

     In present-day India, 80% of the population identifies as Hindu, 13% as Muslim, and 2% as Christian. The national constitution guarantees religious pluralism in a secular state. Among the many political parties active in state and national politics, a number may be identified as "Hindu nationalist." Of those groups, some have long histories of advocating for Indian independence during the period of British colonial control, and currently for India's economic and political progress. For certain elements, however, Hindu "nationalism" means that a true citizen of India must be a Hindu, and that Buddhists, Muslims, Sikhs, Christians, and adherents of any other faith should convert to Hinduism or leave the country.

     Sporadically, in India, violent conflicts have arisen between adherents of different groups. In November 2009, a government report was issued on the 1992 destruction of a historic mosque which for centuries had stood on a site believed to be the birthplace of a Hindu god. Hindu fundamentalist political leaders of local, state and national levels were implicated in advocating and/or organizing the attack. Similarly, in recent years, Hindu fundamentalists have attacked Christian churches, clergy, aid workers and individual believers.

     On February 20, 2010, Hindu fundamentalists made attacks by vandalism and burning on Epiphany Church (of the Church of Northern India) and the Salvation Army Church in Batala, Punjab State. The National Council of Churches in India responded to the with a delegation visiting the city, interviewing clergy, parishioners, and local authorities, and then issuing a call for national government investigation of the incidents, for investigation of a local authorities’ failure to respond to violence against religious minorities, for investigation of a local newspaper advocating anti-Christian bias, and establishment of a local inter-faith commission to address problems of inter-group relations.

     Please pray for the safety and well-being of Christians in India. ECF supports Grace Home for children in Guntur, Andra Pradesh State. To sponsor a child, contact Kate Reyes at ECF headquarters.

3rd Anniversary of ECF International Chapel on Easter
     Four New Believers will be baptized at the 3rd Anniversary Celebration of ECF International Chapel on Easter

     The ECF International Chapel was started in 2007 as a practical way to meet the spiritual needs of the new immigrants from China. This congregation began with only a small group of believers. By the grace of God, this little group has grown into an exciting worshipping congregation of 30-40 every Sunday morning at the ECF Headquarters. Members of this congregation are deeply committed in prayer life and in practical help. The Friday night youth meetings attract about 10 to 15 college age young leaders. Four have accepted Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior and will be baptized by Dr. Szeto on Easter Sunday at the Pasadena First Baptist Church. Rev. Too, Principal of our ECF Bible Institute in Thailand will be the preacher. Young people will present special music.

     Due to financial shortage in this church planting project, the ECF International Chapel cannot support a full-time pastor. For the last three years, the church ministry has been a team effort with dedicated volunteers and a part-time minister on practical training status. We are in need of $12,000 to carry on this church ministry this year. If your church has felt the touch of the loving hands of our Lord, please become one of the sponsors to provide some financial support and join hands with us to reach more souls with God's love.

"The Sound of Life" is on TV in Hong Kong
     In partnership with The Media Evangelism Ltd. in Hong Kong, "The Sound of Life" series, with Chinese sub-title, will be hosted on "Creation TV" channel. The premiere broadcast is on Sunday, March 21, 2010 at 8:30pm and will repeat on the following Saturday. The first episode being broadcasted is "Together We Learn and We Dream". Please pray for this ministry and may God use this TV series to impact many lives.

English Teaching Program in China 2010
Come and join our English Teaching Mission to China in July/August.(Check our website for details)

For more information and application, please email Rachel Shackleford ( or contact our headquarters at 626-288-8828.

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