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Vol. 14 No. 1
Jan/Feb 2010

A. Higher Vision
B. Modern Miracles
C. Global Challenges
D. Love in Action
E. In Context
F. Mission Opportunities


Theme: Serving Christ - Loving People

Please pray for our global ministry and support us according to God's blessings.

1. Building up a stronger team (Board and Staff) at the ECF Headquarters with clear vision and practical partnership in order to face the challenges of the new year.

2. In partnership with The Media Evangelism Ltd. in Hong Kong to broadcast the TV series "The Sound of Life".

3. In partnership with the Christian Council in Hangzhou, China to provide 1,000 chairs for the newly built church in connection with the Senior Home to be completed this Summer.

4. To join the celebration of the Re-opening of the Moon Mountain Church in Kaiping in the Spring. ECF provided a love gift to rebuild this church for worship.

5. Assist Rev. Eddie Chan in Hong Kong for the urgently needed Leadership Training program in several churches in China with Christian books.

6. Continue to publish two bi-monthly magazines: "Global Vision (English)" and "Grace Bridge (Chinese)".

7. Publish a new spiritual devotional book (in Chinese) for seniors, especially those who stay at the Senior Homes in China.

8. Improve the Sponsorship Programs in Macau, India, Thailand, Cambodia and the Philippines. Invite more sponsors to help.

9. Conduct Gospel meetings in Germany, Switzerland and Austria (Aug/Sept.) with the hope of improving support coming from these 3 German speaking countries.

10. In cooperation with the City of Monterey Park, organize a Community Outreach Concert with musicians from China.

11. Send three English Teaching Teams to China this summer.

12. Continue to partner with Fuller Theological Seminary and Azusa Pacific University for the Scholarship programs.

13. Assist the ECF in Thailand for the new library project with book donation.

14. In partnership with Fuller Theological Seminary, other organizations and churches to establish the J. Edwin Orr Revival Center in Pasadena.

15. Attempt new ministry in Brazil, South America.

16. Other programs and projects as led by the Holy Spirit and approved by the Board.

Christmas Lunch - ECF Directors & Staff

The Trial of Faith

Gibson Boyle
Northern Ireland

     Having spent the past year in hospital with its rollercoaster experiences, I wondered if my experiences might help someone else going through a similar "trial of faith." These notes, I hope, will bring some relief in the trial.

     On December 12, 2007, I went for an endoscope examination. Unfortunately, my esophagus was torn, allowing fluid to pour into my lungs. I was transferred to a Belfast hospital and put on a life-support machine, subsequently spending several weeks in intensive care, followed by ten months in hospital.

The Reality of God

     My wife Margaret, left at home, had some supernatural experiences of God. Each day during that critical period when I hovered between life and death, the Holy Spirit spoke to her, confirmed later in her Bible reading.

     For me it was the opposite - a time of anxiety, darkness and fear. I had a vision in Margaret's presence. I saw a street with several churches whose bells were chiming loudly. Gradually, one by one, the bells went silent, and the one nearest to where I was standing was almost silenced, except for a faint ping. It became clear the silence of the bells meant death, and my turn had come. Margaret was testifying, "God has promised you will not die". I did my best to convince her, afraid that she would lose her confidence in God.

     These were dark days for me, but God is good. Luke 22:31-32 came with relevance, "At the last supper a dispute arose among the disciples as to who was the greatest. Jesus took Peter aside. 'Simon, Simon, Satan has asked to sift you as wheat, but I have prayed for you, Simon, that your faith may not fail ...'" I began to see Satan's activity in my experience, to destroy my faith, even after 54 years as a Christian during which time I have consistently sought to serve God.

     Jesus' solution to Peter's problem, in Luke 22, was prayer. I took great comfort from this, knowing that many dear Christian friends were praying for Margaret and me.

     At times the darkness can be overwhelming. The longer the journey, the worse it gets. Margaret and I have experienced periods "where the heavens are as brass," where our pleading has apparently produced no results. Our pleas for help seem to be of no avail. We just hold each other, weep and renew our pleas. To God, our faith is precious. He allows us to go through darkness, through pain, into areas of testing to prove to us the genuineness of our faith. We hang on to that.

Giving and Receiving

     My long stay in hospital gave opportunities for witnessing. I was able to pray with doctors, nurses, cleaners, porters, and patients.

     The hospital is situated in a staunchly Republican area with larger than life murals painted of Bobby Sands and other hunger strikers. From a Protestant point of view, it is easy to forget that Catholics suffered during the Troubles too. One cleaner's husband was shot dead sixteen years ago; she awakens each day with painful thoughts. Another cleaner's husband, driving his taxi, was high-jacked by three youths. He managed to deposit them at an army post where they were released without charge. He had a serious breakdown and has not worked since. I found these folks willing to listen to me and pray that the gospel of peace will cross the line of divide.

The Future

     As I record these memories, I still cannot take any food or drink orally, after eleven months. We pray for healing. How I long to sit at the table with Margaret and enjoy a cup of coffee and a blueberry muffin!

This journey started in November 2007 when Margaret and I cried out to God for an intimate relationship with God; to hear His voice, to know His will, to walk with Him as many of the Old Testament fathers did.

The journey is not over yet, but "I know whom I have believed and am convinced that He is able to guard what I have entrusted to Him for that day". (2 Timothy 1:12)

Thanksgiving Women's Conference
     The Thanksgiving Women's Conference was held successfully at the ECF Headquarters in November 2009. The theme was "Involve in a Caring Community." The forum consisted of five speakers: Ms. Elizabeth Xiaoqing He and Ms. Diana Xuhong Deng from China; Mrs. Jane Qu, Mrs. Ruth Lai, and Mrs. Kathy Jin from Los Angeles. Mrs. Dorcas Szeto served as the moderator.

     Ms. He and Ms. Deng of the Hangzhou YWCA had the opportunity to visit Azusa Pacific University and were welcomed by Dr. Michael Whyte, the Provost. They presented a special gift to Dr. Paul Gray at the Darling Library. A special luncheon was hosted by Dr. and Mrs. Paul Szeto on campus where they shared with Mr. Mary Grams, Director of International Students Service and Dr. Ralph Carlson, Professor of English who has served as Master teacher for ECF's English programs in China.

     Since the School of Business at APU has established a strong program with Zhejiang University in Hangzhou, Dean Ilene Bezjian and Prof. Stuart Strother expressed personal appreciation to both guests from the YWCA in Hangzhou for their support over the years. By the invitation of Dr. Harold Lane, Chaplain for the Royal Oaks Manor, they attended the Sunday evening Vesper Service in Bradbury, CA and enjoyed a wonderful tour of the campus and good exchange with the manager and many senior residents following a special dinner. On behalf of Royal Oaks Manor, Ethel Whitson, Chair for the Spiritual Life Committee, accepted a gift from the YWCA in China. A stronger partnership was built in the Lord.

Run of Hope Fundraising Walkathon
     The "Run of Hope Macau 2009" fundraising walkathon, organized by the Macau Four Seasons Hotel, was successfully accomplished last November. A total of $32,600 was presented to the Macau Orphanage by Ms. Pernille Baumann, Director of Human Resources and Ms. Norma Ve, Executive Assistant from the the Four Seasons Hotel. Thank God for the partnership between these two organizations in Macau.

Children Doing Well in Studies
     The children of the Grace Home Orphanage in India are doing well in their studies. They have received school books, shoes and uniforms through the ECF Sponsorship ministry. Because there are no available teachers for the older children, they go to school in the City and travel by school bus while the younger ones attend the Grace School. Praise God that many are getting good ranks in their classes!

"The Sound of Life" will be on TV
     Our ECF Global Communication Center has produced documentary series of 13 DVDs featuring the struggles and successes of Chinese and Chinese Americans around the world. In partnership with The Media Evangelism Ltd. in Hong Kong, this series "The Sound Of Life", with Chinese sub-titles, will be on TV in Hong Kong this Spring.

Support Sihui's Pastors
     A Special Honor: Two years ago, the Pastoral Support fund was established at the Sihui Christian Church by ECF, with $10,000RMB in honor of Dr. and Mrs. Harold Lane, for the support of local pastors. Sihui is the birth place of Mrs. Dorcas Szeto. When church leaders learned that Dr. Lane was the pastor for Mrs. Szeto, they welcomed the Lanes to the church for the presentation and to honor him for his dynamic pastoral leadership for many years in America. The Lanes continued to support this fund last year. The Sihui congregation has grown from 80 to about 450 in five years

ECF Scholarship Recipients
at Fuller Theological Seminary

     The Thanksgiving Celebration hosted by the ECF Board at the ECF International Headquarters welcomed the 2009-2010 academic year recipients of the Dr. Paul Szeto endowment fund at Fuller Seminary: Mr. Otto Lui and Mr. Tony 'Dongyi' Wong. Fuller administrators and staff, Dr. Sherwood Lingenfelter, Provost, Dr. Winston Gooden, Dean, Scgool of Theology and Mrs. Krystin Mast, Assistant to the Provost, also graced the event.

     Mr. Lui, originally from Hong Kong, is currently working on his PhD at the School of Intercultural Studies. Mr. Wang from mainland China is completing his Master of Divinity at the School of Theology. Each shared a brief testimony and feels truly blessed to receive assistance from the program. After their studies, Mr. Lui and Mr. Wang will go back to their respective countries to continue their ministries.

Book Project for China Seniors

     Mrs. Zhou, ECF's worker in Shanghai passed away last year. The special program with the Senior Home in Shanghai will be cared for by Rev. Eddie Chan from Hong Kong until a local Christian lay person is willing to serve.

     As requested by seniors in China, Dr. Szeto and several writers are working on a special book to encourage spiritual growth for seniors.

More from China Receive Scholarships

     Providing scholarships to equip young leaders has always been a major task of ECF. In these times of economic hardship, ECF continues to help two leaders from China with urgently needed scholarships. Ms. Judy Zhou who was the choir director of Chongyi Church in Hangzhou, came to study music at Dallas Baptist University. Mr. Xun Yu who was baptized at our International Chapel last May is now studying at the California International Theological Seminary. Both are active in local church ministries.

Cambodia: An Exciting Conversion

Dr. Ralph S. Carlson

     The trial of Comrade Duch began in April and ended in late November of 2009. Sentencing is expected some time in 2010.

     Who is Comrade Duch? Born Kang Kek Lew (also transliterated Kaing Guek Eav) in the village of Choyat in Kampong Thom Province of Cambodia in 1942, he was a bright student who completed his basic education and went on to finish his baccalaaureate studies at a prestigious school in Phnom Penh, the national capital, in 1962. In 1966, he completed certification as a math teacher and began teaching in Skoun, a small town in Kampong Cham Province.

     Kang Kek Lew joined the Communist Party in 1967, taking the name "Comrade Duch." The same year, he was jailed by the government of Prince Sihanouk for his political activities. Released under an amnesty program of the Lon Nol government in 1970, Duch rejoined the Khmer Rouge led by Pol Pot. First a prison commandant, Duch later became head of Special Security, charged with purging "enemies of the revolution" from the ranks of the party.

     In April of 1975, the Khmer Rouge took control of Cambodia. Intending to establish an agrarian society, they emptied the cities, sending the population to rural areas to labor in agricultural communes - essentially run as death camps. Starting life over in "Year Zero," the Khmer Rouge banned religion and schools, overworked and underfed the commune populace, and commonly tortured and executed many for the slightest infraction of camp rules. Estimates of the lives lost under the Khmer Rouge regime range from 1.5 to 3 million.

     In May 1975, Comrade Duch became commandant of Toul Sleng, a prison set up on a high school campus in Phnom Penh. By the time Viet Namese Communist forces overthrew the Khmer Rouge in January of 1979, between 12,000 and 17,000 people had been tortured and killed at Toul Sleng. Comrade Duch had documented the presence of most of the inmates. Toul Sleng has since become a war museum. News media references to it often are accompanied by a photo of stacks of human skulls.

     Through the turmoil of multiple coalition governments in the 1980s and 1990s, one law passed by the Cambodian legislature provided for amnesty for all Khmer Rouge except the very top rank leadership. Comrade Duch returned to the territory near the Thai border still controlled by Pol Pot, for a while using the name Hang Pin. As the Khmer Rouge remnants fragmented more and more, Duch learned Thai and English, worked as a volunteer in refugee camps along the border and as a school teacher. In 1995, a Christian friend invited Duch to Christian leadership sessions of a Cambodian-American pastor returning for missions in Cambodia. Duch attended, at first withdrawn and distant, but listening intently and taking notes. Eventually, he committed his life to Christ and asked to be baptised. Back in his home town, he became founder of a new congregation.

     In 1999, Duch was sought out by a western journalist, and the resulting interview was published in the Far East Economic Review. Thereafter, Duch turned himself in to the Cambodian authorities and has been held in prison ever since. Contention between Cambodian and United Nations legal specialists dragged on for years before a special "Extraordinary Chambers" of the Cambodian court sytem was formed with UN participation to try key figures from the Pol Pot regime on charges of genocide. Duch is the first brought before the tribunal. The prosecution has asked for a sentence of 40 years. Genocide charges have been filed against other Khmer Rouge leaders Khieu Samphan, Ieng Sary, and Nuon Chea. Two others, Pol Pot and Ta Mok, have already died. Of those charged, only Duch has accepted responsibility for his deeds, expressed deep sorrow, and asked for forgiveness. In the interview published in 1999, anticipating prosecution, he said, "...they can have my body. Jesus has my soul."

     The conversion of Comrade Duch brings to mind the conversion of the Apostle Paul, and the questions that early Christians brought to their former persecutor. What will the sentence be for Duch?

     The judicial process is seen as part of Cambodia's necessary healing of past wounds. ECF assists in the healing of Cambodia through support of a computer training center at FICC church in Phnom Penh. Pray for the FICC church and for Cambodia. Donations can be sent to ECF headquarters.

     For more on Comrade Duch, see the following internet sources:

Together We Learn and We Dream
     ECF invites you to participate in the upcoming 2010 English Teaching Mission in China in July/August. We look forward to building our 2010 mission team and appreciate your partnership.


1. ENGLISH TEACHER TRAINING - Western Teaching Methodology

2. ENGLISH STUDENT SUMMER CAMP - Creative English Conversation Course

3. PASTOR & SEMINARIAN ENGLISH CLASS - Practical English in Christian Services

Details will be posted on our website as soon as information is confirmed. For an application form, please email Rachel Shackleford ( or Min Szeto(
You may also contact us at :
ECF International 437 S. Garfield Ave. Monterey Park CA 91754
Phone: 626-288-8828 Fax: 626-571-6500 to obtain a DVD documentary about this meaningful program.

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