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Vol. 12 No. 4
Jul-Aug 2008

A. Count His Blessings
B. Global Outreach
C. Global Challenges
D. In Context
E. Love in Action


Joyful News from ECF

     We are so thankful for the hard work of all the staff at the Global Communication Center for the last few months. As a result, three new DVDs have been produced.

     (1) "Who Holds Tomorrow?" --- This is a moving story about Mr. James Chu, who was nicknamed "The Father of Chinese McDonald's" because he launched about 1,000 McDonald's restaurants all throughout China. But the sudden discovery of his brain tumor destroyed his professional dreams and altered his personal life. Through God's healing, James Chu continues to touch many lives through the ministry of his newly formed Messengers of Life.

     (2) "Touching The World With Her Heart" --- A glimpse at the early life journey of Xiaohui Ma, China's renowned Erhu virtuoso.

     (3) "Rich Harvest" --- This documentary is a historical record of the 60th Anniversary Celebration for the founding of Evangelize China Fellowship, a missionary organization established in Shanghai in 1947.

     All of DVDs are free --- please send for your copies.


Pray for Dr. Paul Szeto

10    Zion Chinese Baptist Church
24    ECF International Chapel
27    A 10-day Journey to Jerusalem with Dr. Russ Spittler of Fuller Theological Seminary

21    ECF International Chapel
26-28    Community Baptist Church of San Jose, Mission Conference

1-7   Kaiping, Sihui China
8-10    Hong Kong
11    55th Anniversary Celebration, ECF Orphanage. Macau
12    Sunday Worship, Grace Chapel, Macau
18    4th Anniversary Celebration for Global Rainbow Magazine & Global Communication Center

Please Help to Remove the Deficit!
Mission Teaching Teams to China 2008

1    Love gifts received for Hangzhou Team        $ 8,546.00
2    Love gifts received for Shijiazhuang Team       2,380.00
3    General Donations received                            1,040.00

1    Travel, Room & Board                                $15,790.98
2    Training & Orientation                                      100.54
3    Teaching Resources & Supplies                          300.00
4    DVD Production & Mailing                               3,423.31
                                                           (Deficit) $ 7,648.83


Dr. Alton A. Gould
Chairman Emeritus

     "Workers together with Christ". Sometimes we use this saying so often that we lose its meaning. It is more than a one-on-one with Christ. It is every one working together; using talents, resources and availability that gets the job done. Christ touches the hearts and draws individuals unto Himself. Each of us simply obeys His calling. Together we serve the "Lord of the Harvest". Together we seek to take Jesus' message of hope and redemption to the world gaining strength from one another as we serve together, connecting compassionate hearts with the hands of ministry, in representing Jesus to the nations.

     More than half of the world's inhabitants reside in Asia and less than ten percent of this population has a saving knowledge of Jesus Christ. ECF's primary focus is to get the Gospel into their hearts and homes. They are part of the end time harvest that will come from every tribe, tongue, people, and nation, and the ministry of ECF is not complete until they have been reached. Join with us in prayer for a new vision with an outpouring of the Spirit on our ministries in Cambodia, India, Myanmar, Thailand, Philippines, China, and within all the countries served.

     In His first sermon, Jesus set the pattern for ministry that the Father approved. He said the Spirit of the Lord was upon Him to preach good news to the needy, to bring freedom to oppressed, sight to the blind, and to set captives free. The Great Commission is for all people in every place and the work of missions has not been completed until all have had an opportunity to hear and understand the gospel. That is why ECF's ministry is focused on evangelism, educating the unlearned and feeding and housing the desperate. The harvest is ready, waiting and abundant for ECF's ministries laboring in the fields of the world. A RICH HARVEST WAITING FOR THE REAPERS to widen their horizons.

     Jesus said anyone who gives a cup of water in His Name will be rewarded. ECF offers more than just a cup of water, not only reaching out to those with desperate physical needs but also sharing Good News about Jesus Christ. A cup of water can only satisfy one. But millions are thirsty. When we work together, the compassion of Christ it can become "a well of water springing up to eternal life."

     Since the founding of the ministry in 1947, meeting both spiritual and physical needs has been a priority. Even the workers whose primary ministry was evangelism actively demonstrated the compassion of Jesus but did not publicizing the compassion work for fear of being thought of as doing only the "Social Gospel" which advocated a tangible response to social problems without a gospel message. Children were taught to read and write and were providing not only an education but also basic health-care, food and shelter with love. Though much has been done to meet such needs, even greater needs remain, BUT A RICH HARVEST IS WAITING.

     God does not want a distraction from sharing Jesus Christ with those who are still waiting. None of the service programs is of any value unless Jesus Christ is central, for He is the One who can only bring hope to the lives of children and adults. Unless His Gospel reaches into the lives of men and women, service is a hopeless task. HE CARES! DO WE? DO YOU?

     When followers of Christ as an outgrowth of their love for Him respond to a specific need, then the Holy Spirit guides, strengthens and coordinates their response to a level secular relief agencies cannot achieve. ECF as an organization and each of us as individuals must, under God, Widen our Horizons so that we may LOOK, SEE, FEEL, the RICH HARVEST that awaits the HARVESTER.


Hangzhou Team
Thoughts on the Hangzhou trip -- Beryl Carpenter (Master Teacher)

     For my fourth trip to China, I asked God to give me joy in teaching. I can say He answered that prayer with an abundant supply of His joy and grace.
     Mrs. He and all the YWCA staff organized the different sites and students well. Julie Smith and I taught at a modern school in the heart of Hangzhou. I taught western teaching methods and tried to demonstrate those techniques through the activities I planned each day.
     My students, 15 middle school teachers, had a high intermediate level of English fluency. I was able to help them improve their pronunciation, listening discrimination, and overall fluency through a variety of teaching methods -- role play, task-based learning, singing, brainstorming, collaborative learning, and kinetic learning.
     On the first day of class, one woman asked me if I was a Christian, and identified herself as a believer, also. The next day, another woman asked me the same question, and I was able to share briefly with her, also. On the last day, as a YWCA representative walked past our classroom, one of the women students ran out of class to talk to her. She came back and reported she had asked for bibles for everyone in the class. Praise the Lord! If my life spoke to them, I am grateful, but to God be the glory!

As a Team, we were so blessed! -- Julie Smith

     It was an absolute honour to be involved in the teaching programme in Hangzhou this summer.
     I taught the English teachers from Chong Wen Primary School, and I was so encouraged by their energy and enthusiasm; their initial reluctance to speak English very quickly disappeared and they worked really hard in the taught sessions and joined in games and songs in the afternoon with great zeal.
     As a team, we were so blessed in the short time we spent together to accomplish a major task. All the English teachers who came to this training improved their speaking ability and their teaching methodology.
     The only concern I had about the mission was timing before we left due to new Visa requirements because of the Beijing Olympics; but everything worked out perfectly for us.
     I am truly grateful for the opportunity to have been part of the team this year and have brought so many happy memories back home with me; I would like to thank ECF and all my supporters from the United Kingdom.

The Days were filled with excitement! -- Rachel Shackleford

     This mission trip to Hangzhou was the first time I have ever been to China. At first, my thoughts of China were bugs, dirt roads, grass huts, and definitely not a modernized city. To my surprise, Hangzhou was a very large city built around the famous and beautiful West Lake and had many of the franchises we see in the US. Immediately, my view of the trip was drastically changed. As I started my first day of teaching, I was nervous and unsure of the students’ reactions. They seemed shy and quiet, but as they became more comfortable with each other and with speaking English, the days were filled with excitement, laughter and joy. They loved to play the learning games with competition and were eager to learn how to communicate more fluently in English. Every day our team met in the morning for prayer and in the evenings we closed with Bible study and prayer. The YWCA hosted us with extreme kindness and took us to see the famous parts of Hangzhou. This trip, overall, was more than I could have hoped or dreamed of and I thank ECF and all the sponsors who helped make this mission possible.

Sharing God's Love through our Actions -- John Richards

     My experience over these past two weeks in teaching English has been a challenge. I felt somewhat unprepared to teach the high school class at the YWCA in Hangzhou. I also struggled to make the lessons more interesting for the students and to get them more involved in participation. But all my students responded enthusiastically to my teaching. Overall, I am thankful for this opportunity and thankful for the connections I and we as a team made. I hope and pray that the seeds we planted will bear fruit in the future. This trip was definitely a wonderful opportunity to share God's love through our actions.

Using the Bible and Hymns to learn English -- Deke Wilkins

     For the second year in a row, I was blessed with the opportunity to teach English at Zhejiang Theological Seminary. By using the Bible and Hymns to learn English we were able to not only grow in our language proficiency but also to share in wonderful encouragement and fellowship. These dedicated church leaders made sacrifices in order to become better equipped to minister to college students and foreigners at their churches. I feel that God blessed each of them and their time, He definitely blessed their teacher.

Shijiazhuang Team
I thank God for a blessed Time -- Sandra Quan

     I had a very memorable experience serving on the Shijiazhuang Teaching Team this summer. It was great to have the opportunity to work with high school and junior high teachers to teach them Western teaching methodology so they can better equip their students as they teach them English. Educators outside of the Shijiazhuang school district also came as they heard of the news of our English training program. Other interested individuals such as high school and university students later came along from the surrounding cities to receive training in the hope to refine their own English skills. Everywhere we went we were treated with graciousness and a warm welcome. I thank God for a blessed time to meet, teach, and encourage students as they embraced the positive outlook of the Christian spirit and the Western culture teaching methodology that we came to share with them. May the seeds that have been planted as well as the friendships that have been established continue to grow and blossom.

He won't let go, we shouldn't either -- Brenda Gulbranson

     What a fantastic experience to be able, once again, to go to China to teach, this time at the 42nd Middle School in Shijaizhuang, near Beijing.
     Shortly before the trip, when I thought everything should be in place (and it wasn't), I was so dearly tempted to back out. The earthquake occurred in Sichuan; political unrest erupted in Tibet. There were concerns about terrorist activity surrounding the Olympics in Beijing. We couldn't even apply for visas until certain documents came. How long would that process take? The trip would have to be postponed! My "schedule" would have to change
     Then, in something as simple as a children's sermon given by my pastor, I was reminded that we need to have the faith to hold onto the rope that God offers us. He won't let go; we shouldn't either. Within a day, I heard that permission had been granted to come to Hebei Province. Then visas were processed in record time. Yes, God is in control of the big things and the little things.
     The people that I met in China were so warm and caring. The hospitality was out of this world. The teachers with whom we worked were excited. And it was evident in many ways that God was at work here, too. One Sunday, Sandra and I attended a Chinese Christian Church, which seated close to a thousand people. It was overflowing with people on little stools in the narthex and even sitting outside on the steps of the church. What a thrilling experience! I felt connected with my church on the other side of the world.

     Faith in Christ Church in Cambodia is growing in faith and in number. On May 17, 2008, a group of young people received baptism. Please continue to pray for this committed group and for Pastor Kang Phal Daracheat.

     The Bethel Bible Institute offers classes for church ministers to complete their Bachelor of Theology degree. This particular course is designed for ministers from Northern Thailand, Burma and China who have completed their studies in a Bible Institute with a Diploma in Theology and have served in the ministry for four years or more. There are 20 ministers enrolled in the first session of teaching -- eight from Thailand, two from Burma and ten from China.

     Exciting Growth in Sihui Church.
     Pastor He reported that 80 new belivers were baptized on August 3 and joined the Church. Rev. Eddie Chan from Hong Kong, on behalf of ECF, presented a projector to enhance contemporary worship.

     The ECF International Chapel organized a summer retreat at the ECF Big Bear House from July 4 to 6, 2008, celebrating America's Independence Day and sharing God's grace under the theme, "True Love, Joy and Life." There were 26 participants from Beijing, Hong Kong, Tianjin, Chongqing, Shenyang, Xian and Chengdu, China. Three sub-groups were organized for sharing and witnessing. Mrs. Dorcas Szeto shared her life experiences. Five new friends in the group accepted Christ as their personal Savior at Dr. Paul Szeto's invitation following the Sunday morning worship.

It's Happening All Over the World
Ralph S. Carlson

     The US news sources most available to me don't always pay attention to important realities outside the USA. In the first six months of 2008, I have seen and heard scores of newspaper, magazine, radio and TV stories of rising fuel costs and food costs in the USA. I have seen the prices at the gas pumps I frequent rise far more and more often than they fall. The restaurants I like have all raised the prices on their menus. So what is going on “out there?” I have seen brief TV clips of food rioting in Haiti, and of Spanish truckers parking their rigs on roadsides to protest a jump in fuel costs. But what is happening to people in countries I don't hear about every day?

     The Internet provides ways to find out. The BBC News web site carries stories from around the world. Searches on Google or Yahoo can bring everything from commentary on inflation in Asian nations by an economist in Singapore to two decades' records on monthly inflation rates in the Philippines from a Philippine government statistics office. As Sister Merceditas Leonardo asks for prayer not only for the children in the program ECF sponsors, but for the all the people of the Philippines who are facing hard times, what are the facts? As Reverend Dumpala in India notifies ECF that he must reduce the number of children cared for in Grace Home in Guntur, what are the economic pressures facing him daily?

     In the first six months of 2008, the monthly rates of inflation in the Philippines were, respectively, 4.9%, 5.4%, 6.4%, 8.3%, 9.5% and 11.4%, in contrast with a 2007 annual inflation rate of 2.8%. In India, which imports 75% of the crude petroleum it consumes, the spike in world prices for oil has forced the government to raise prices for processed fuels by 10% this summer, and still has nearly bankrupted the agency which traditionally has subsidized motor and cooking fuels for the poor. In April of 2008, Thai rice for export sold at over a thousand dollars per ton; Vietnamese rice for export sold at 938 dollars per ton – nearly double the January prices, and triple the prices of 2007. The domestic prices for rice in the exporting countries also rise, so the man and the woman on the street do not gain but lose. Many Thai fishermen protested fuel cost increases this summer with strikes and demonstrations. A few even burned the boats they could no longer afford to operate.

     The jumping prices of fuel and food have me using my car less and walking to the local grocery more, but these price spurts are stark survival challenges for hundreds of millions of people in the nations where ECF supports outreach programs. While we in western nations may be pressed and distressed, millions in China, Vietnam, Cambodia, the Philippines, Thailand and elsewhere are struggling now for sheer survival, (can they afford food and the fuel to cook it?) even after over a decade of significant economic gains in China, India and Vietnam.

     We must not simply look at our own account balances, pray more for our brothers and sisters, and give less. We must pray more and give more to keep the ECF programs going and growing, because the dollar, the dong, the rupee, the ren min bi, the piaster and the peso are not buying as much in 2008 as they did in 2007.

2008 Mission Expo

     The 2008 Mission Expo in Southern California area was held at the Downey First Baptist Church on April 25th and 26th. The theme was "Tribes, Nations and Tongues." Mr. Min Szeto, Director of Administration, represented ECF to participate at the Expo among over 40 mission organizations. The display of pictures, films and pamphlets was highlighted to introduce the ministries that ECF is doing in China, Cambodia, India, Macau, Philippines, Thailand, Vietnam, and USA. Through English teaching, building schools and churches, establishing senior homes, children centers, computer centers and many other programs, ECF is spreading God's love to fulfill the Great Commission of our Lord Jesus Christ.

Min Szeto represented ECF to participate at the Expo

ECF making an impact in God's fields

ECF continues its assistance of the China Earthquake Relief in Sichuan and the building of a new church in Da-feng, Guizhou Provice is in progress.

Due to economic hardships, the Grace Home Orphanage in Guntur will be decreasing its enrollment from 110 to 80 children.

The Fellowship Orphanage will be celebrating its 55th Anniversary on October 11, 2008. Rev. Eddie Chan is leading the preparations for this historic occasion.

One of ECF's sponsored children; PH-45 REV A. BERNARDO was chosen to represent his school at the Philippine Youth Congress this July in Baguio City. Only a selected group of young people were invited and REV was one of them.

Two scholarships were presented to two students at the English language center and another was given to a seminarian in Da Nang, Vietnam.

Dr. Paul Szeto visited and met with ECF supporters in the Seattle, Washington area this June. A mission and prayer conferences was held at the Seattle Chinese Baptist Church while Sunday worship was at the Tacoma Chinese Christian Church. A stronger partnership was established between ECF and these two churches.