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Vol. 12 No. 1
Jan-Feb 2008

A. Count His Blessings
B. Global Challenges
C. Global Outreach
D. In Context


Joyful News from ECF

     Growing With Joy is the ECF Ministry Theme for 2008. After 60 years of fruitful ministry, we felt strongly that the Kingdom ministry of our Lord will continue to grow around the world. All board members also believe that this global ministry will grow with greater joy. Here are some of the Good News that give us joy:
     1. ECF Community Page in Sing Tao Daily -- Beginning Chinese New Year in 2008, ECF will partner with Sing Tao Daily to publish the ECF Community Page in this prestigious Chinese newspaper in order to positively promote healthy community living with Christian love in action programs. This is a joyous and exciting new project for ECF.
     2. ECF Annual Board -- the Annual Board of Directors meeting will take place on January 25-26, 2008. All directors are excited about the programs of the new year.
     3. James Chu Greater Los Angeles Gospel Meetings -- Mr. James Chu of Hong Kong has been recognized as the “Father of Chinese McDonald’s” in the Far East because he has helped to establish about 1,000 McDonald’s in Hong Kong and China. A brain tumor altered his life journey. After he was miraculously healed by God from this deadly disease in 2006, he gave up his high dream with McDonald’s and entered full-time ministry by establishing The Messengers of Life. He has a powerful story to share. ECF together with two large churches in Southern California jointly invited his Gospel Team to come for a series of meetings from Feb. 12-18. The news of James Chu’s coming gave many people joy in the Gospel.
     Please pray for our ministry and share our joy in the Lord

Pray for Dr. Paul Szeto

13         Eagle Rock: Zion Chinese Baptist Church
24-25    Santa Barbara: Azusa Pacific University, Board of Trustees
25-26    Monterey Park: ECF Annual Board
27         Monterey Park: ECF International Chapel

12-17    Greater Los Angeles: Co-sponsor the James Chu Gospel Meetings
24         Monterey Park: ECF International Chapel

9           Monterey Park: ECF International Chapel
17-20    Kunming, China: Trinity Church
21-22    Cambodia: Faith in Christ Church
23         Macau: ECF Grace Chapel Baptism

6           Pasadena: First Anniversary of ECF International Chapel with Baptism
13         Eagle Rock: Zion Chinese Baptist Church
19         Monterey Park: ECF Executive Council


Dr. Alton A. Gould
Chairman Emeritus

     ECF INTERNATIONAL -- A Ministry of Caring. How much do you really care? An incident in the distinguished life of Adlai Stevenson will long be remembered, a photo revealing a hole in the sole of his shoe. Frank Buckman had no set rules for the movement he led -- only a precept: “CARE”. “It calls for care so deep,” he said, “that when the other fellow has a hole in his shoe your own feet feel cold.” Our Lord had nail prints in His hands and feet and a spear wound in His side. Henry Martyn, missionary to India, expressed it thus: “the spirit of Christ is the spirit of missions. The nearer we get to Him, the more intensely missionary-minded we become.”

     Life is a great, worthy, holy, and divine thing. All people are created in the image of God. Life is to be used as a sacred trust. Life is to be a cup out of which thirsty men and women, boys and girls are to be fed. We are in the world, like our Master, not to be ministered unto, but to minister and to give our lives a ransom for many; to allow Christ to live His life IN and THROUGH us; to be channels through which He can bless a needy world; to show people who today are hungering and thirsting that there is One who really cares -- A God who loves and understands and who has a divine concern for the welfare of people everywhere.

     Lawrence Gould, former President Emeritus of Carleton College said, “I do not believe the greatest threat to our future is from bombs or guided missiles. I don’t think our civilization will die that way. I think it will die when we no longer care. Arnold Toynbee pointed out that 19 of 21 civilizations died from within and not by conquest from without. There were no bands playing and no flags waving when their civilizations decayed. It happened slowly, in the quiet and dark when no one was aware.” Because no one cared. The big question? How much do we really care...for ourselves, for others, for the spiritually lost, for our nation, for our God, for the peoples of the world? Nations sprang into action when Asia was hit by tsunami -- they gave, gave, gave and gave again. Nations and individuals were moved but how many really cared?

     “Man on the Bangkok.” This is the boast of the Bank of America. “From Rome to Rio...around the world and across the USA, Bank of America can put an experienced man-on-the-spot to work for you today.” That is good advertising and good business. If you are going to do business in Tokyo or Timbuktu, nothing can compare with having a “man-on-the-spot”. Our Lord addressed Himself to his disciples and to us when He said, “Go Ye”...“Give Ye”...“Pray Ye.” We can have a ministry around the world. Every Christian can be a missionary. The work of ECF INTERNATIONAL is being done by those who plant and others who water planted seed (the missionary at home). Some provide “seed for the sower” and “bread for the eater” (Isaiah 55:10—11). As the Apostle Paul “planted”, Apollos watered (prayed) and God gave the increase. So as you pray, “we are all partners together with God” (I Cor. 3:6-9) and ECF then becomes the “Man-on-the-spot.”

     What ministry can we as Christians have around the world? We can do church building and evangelism, schools and evangelism, Bible classes and evangelism, aid for the sick and needy and evangelism, support for orphans and evangelism, care for the elderly and evangelism, production of literature and evangelism…In short, wherever ECF has a ministry, we must be the “man-on-the-spot” to work for God today. “We must see Christ under two forms. We must see Him in the Communion, as bread for a hungry needy world, and we must see Him in a hurting world, as the broken bodies of forgotten people.”(Teresa)

     Asia is young! Roughly half of its population is children and youth. In these few years, some have stepped from poverty and primitive conditions to the industrialized twentieth century. Others have rejected their conservative and cultural upbringing for the cause of revolution. Many in between are reaching for the promises of materialism through education. In no section of the great harvest field is there a greater need for ECF to reach out and minister in love to future Asian and world leaders. We must become people who CARE. We must cease our chatter about love and demonstrate what we mean by living out God’s love. And by this demonstration, people everywhere, regardless of race and color, will know that we are disciples of our Lord. Let’s show a little love and concern! Reach out and touch...and love…and share…through word and deed. — How much do we really care?


The 5th Annual Cross Cultural Oratorical Contest
     Councilman of the City of Monterey Park, the Honorable David Lau, has been sponsoring ECF’s cross cultural program for children since its inauguration in 2003. We had eighty seven entries for competition by children between the ages of two to twelve on December 1, 2007 at the City Council Chamber. The contest was divided into three language groups, namely English, Mandarin and Cantonese. Three distinguished community leaders were invited to judge the oratory of each group.

     Scholarships were awarded to the top three winners of each group: Champion ($100), 1st Runner-up ($75) and 2nd Runner-up ($50). All top five winners of each group received a trophy. Stationery and candy were distributed to every participant by commercial sponsors. They also received a Certificate of Participation from the Foundation.

ECF International Chapel - “Each One Leads One” Campaign
     In order to help the growth of this newly established church, Dr. Szeto has launched an exciting campaign called “Each One Leads One” for the ECF International Chapel. Members received some training on how to reach out to the Chinese people who live in the Monterey Park area. All received the training and also made a commitment to complete the campaign by reaching the goal of 40 members on Easter when the 1st Anniversary Celebration will take place.

Love and care shared at the Senior Homes
     On December 20, 2007, ECF co-worker in Shanghai, Ms. Rita Zhou, brought health food, fruits and gift items to the three ECF senior citizen homes to extend love and care to the residents in the celebration of Christmas. The recipients were joyous and thankful. There are now 124 senior citizens living in the ECF homes and many more are on the waiting list applying for admissions.

Children from India send their greetings
     Because the ECF Headquarters received the Christmas cards from the Grace Home in India late, the Sponsorship Ministry staff was unable to send the cards to the sponsors in time for the Holidays. Fortunately, the cards arrived the first week of January and were sent off hurriedly to the beloved sponsors. The children of Grace Home send their many thanks to their sponsors!

“My visit to the Macau Orphanage” by Deke Wilkins
     In 2005 I was blessed with the opportunity to participate in the ECF English teaching program in Xin Jiang. Since that time it has been obvious that China holds a special place in my life, more than any other country that I have visited. I now live in Beijing and study Chinese at Beijing Da Xue. I have felt God continually bless me and my time in China. Shortly after my first semester finals, I set off to visit the ECF orphanage in Macau, to spend a week fellowshipping and helping the children with their English. What I found was an orphanage and people daily demonstrating God’s love and furthering His glory. The children are active, studious and joyful. With bible studies, worship and the children taking an active role in the ECF international chapel Sunday service, it is great to see, along with meeting their physical and emotional needs, Rev. Chan and the Staff encouraging and facilitating the children in developing their own relationships with our Lord and Savior. The manifestation of God's love by ECF here in Macau not only serves as a witness to the children, their classmates and the community, but also as an encouragement to those of us blessed to witness it.

Livelihood seminar held for sponsored children and their mothers
     Mrs. Ditas Leonardo, ECF Sponsorship Worker, conducted a livelihood seminar for the sponsored children and their mothers. In the Caingin Baptist Church sanctuary, they learned to make jewelry that can be sold to generate some income for their families. It was a good bonding time for the mothers and daughters who enjoyed working together, crafting beautiful accessories from beads and other materials.

Students visit a church in the countryside
     The students of the Computer Center visited a countryside church to fellowship with local church members and leaders. Praise and worship, games, a luncheon, and a Bible study on overcoming the struggles of life were the activities of the day. Everyone who attended had a blessed time. The students are looking forward to future get-togethers with the church.

In Remembrance of the ECF 60th Anniversary Celebration
     Last year was a year of diamond jubilee as we celebrated 60 years of rich harvest for ECF. The excitement is carrying into a new year. Events and activities in various cities were organized to witness, and to praise and thank God for His wonderful and amazing grace. Thirty-one people gathered from eleven nations/districts and climbed the Great Wall of China to praise God, with united hands and hearts. In order to share the joy with you, we produced a 15 minute video presentation, “Celebration on the Great Wall” to capture part of the activities which took place in Beijing, Shanghai and Macau. Besides, a pictorial book, “Rich Harvest” was published to reflect God’s abundant grace upon ECF and to commemorate the history for the past 60 years.
     You may contact us to receive the DVD and the Pictorial Book. We will send them to you as a free gift from ECF.

Guntur, Andhra Pradesh, India
Ralph S. Carlson

     In the triennial international meeting of ECF representatives in Beijing, I met marvelous servants of the Lord whose names had, for years, been familiar because their activities have been reported in Global Vision. How much more gripping it was to hear of these Christian coworkers’ life commitments to Christian service directly not only in the business meeting reports, but also as we sat together at breakfast in Beijing or strolled the riverside promenade in Shanghai.

     The Reverend Philip Samuel Dumpala has long operated Grace Home in Guntur district, India. Having climbed a section of the Great Wall with Pastor Samuel, having shared taxis with him, having worshiped with him in a Beijing church, and – most importantly – having come to know him as a friend committed to serving the Lord through shepherding children toward their maturity, I am interested in knowing more about his home area.

     Guntur is the name of both a city and the surrounding district in the northeast of the state of Andhra Pradesh in the southeastern sector of the Indian subcontinent. Guntur the city had a population of 514,707 as of the 2001 census, but a more recent estimate poses the count as nearing 800,000. It serves as the administrative capital of the district. The city lies in the Krishna River delta, roughly 100,000 miles south of the national capital, New Delhi, and 40 miles inland from the Bay of Bengal. The coastal region was damaged in the 2004 tsunami, and one proposal in reconstruction is for a harbor which could boost the regional economy by increasing both commercial shipping and tourism.

     Guntur is a transportation hub for its region, served by rail, state and national highways. City traffic in Guntur includes a mix of cars, trucks and buses – old and new – and both motorized trishaws and more vintage pedal-driven rickshaws and bicycles. The closest international airport to Guntur is at Hyderabad, 4 hours land travel distance to the north. Some 8 hours distant by rail, near Chennai, is a larger airport with more numerous international connections.

     Guntur district is watered by several other river and canal systems beside the Krishna and produces rice, tobacco, chilli peppers and cotton for export. The region is known both for textile production and for a variety of pickles, and it is the location of the largest red chilli market in Asia.

     Education has long been valued in Guntur district. In the centuries before Christ, when Buddhism was spreading throughout predominantly Hindu culture, major centers for the study of Buddhist philosophy grew up in the region in parallel with major centers for study of Hinduism. Guntur’s Acharya Nagarjuna University is presently among the largest in India. A number of graduate schools offer specialized study in agriculture, medicine, nursing, engineering, management, pharmacy, technology, arts and sciences. In the cultural, religious and educational mix, Guntur has been home to Andhra Christian College with a 120-year heritage of serving Baptist, Methodist, Lutheran and other communities. Also in the area is Andhra Christian Theological College which serves as a union seminary for the Anglican, Baptist, Methodist and Lutheran churches in the region.

     Presently, ECF provides sponsor support for twenty-five of the more than 100 children in Grace Home in Guntur District and established nearby the Agape Computer Institute which serves students both from Grace Home and the community at large. For more information about supporting needy children in Guntur, contact Kate Reyes at ECF headquarters.

Gospel Vision