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Vol. 11 No. 5
Sep - Dec 2007

A. Count His Blessings
B. Global Challenges
C. Doors of Opportunity
D. Global Outreach
E. In Context

A Year of Diamond Jubilee
2007 Theme: Rich Harvest

Witness Ministry Team
Touched Many Hearts and Souls with Music

     Nine members of the Witness Ministry Team came to the ECF 60th Anniversary Celebration Banquet and presented spiritual songs that touched many hearts and souls.
     The Witness Ministry Team was conceived in 1993 from a vision to bring church to those who could not go to church. This team consists of an ever-changing group of individuals representing a variety of churches, ethnic backgrounds, and professions. The main purpose has been and continues to be to discover and use the spiritual gifts and talents for the benefits of God's kingdom. Under the directorship of Dr. Tedd Szeto, this team has had the blessing of bringing services, recitals, radio shows, encouragement programs, and evangelistic concerts to hospitals, nursing homes, prisons, and churches in Hong Kong, China; the Philippines; London, England; Bangor, Belfast, Northern Ireland; Kiev, Ukraine; Moscow, Russia; and many cities in the United States.
     Through the music and testimonies of Witness Team, hundreds found Christ. Many were motivated to join mission teams for the sharing of the Gospel of Jesus Christ around the world.

Please Pray for Dr. Paul Szeto
and the ECF Worldwide Ministries
1     Vienna Hutteldorf Baptist Church (Austria)
       Salzerbad Kurhotel (Austria)
2     Alberndorf -- Teaching in China program (Austria)
5     Bad Ischl Baptist Church (Austria)
7     Muttenz -- Home meeting (Switzerland)
8     Wettingen Baptist Church (Switzerland)
22   Monterey Park -- ECF International Chapel

16   Toronto -- ECF Canada Board meeting
19   Monterey Park -- ECF International Chapel

2   Monterey Park -- ECF International Chapel
8   Monterey Park -- The 3rd Anniversary of GCC and Global Rainbow
9   Eagle Rock -- Chinese Zion Baptist Church
10   Monterey Park -- Monthly Meeting of the Greater L.A. Chinese Ministerial Association

7   Monterey Park -- ECF International Chapel
12-15   China -- Opening Ceremony for Shu-ping School in Henan. (This is school #10 built by ECF in China)

4   San Gabriel -- ECF 60th Anniversary Celebration Banquet
25   Monterey Park -- ECF International Chapel, "Each One Brings One" campaign.

9   Eagle Rock -- Chinese Zion Baptist Church
16   Torrance -- Bread of Life Church
23    Monterey Park -- ECF International Chapel -- Christmas Celebration

Love in Action!

Dr. Alton A. Gould
Chairman Emeritus

     Partnership! Every ministry is too big for just the organization doing it. Every work is in need of others to help. All need someone to pray, to lend a hand, to share in the vision, to support the ministry, to stand by our side. This partnering reveals the power of people working together on behalf of God's mission-to reach a lost world and its people with the Gospel of Redeeming Love. In many of the areas in which ECF ministers, traditional methods of sharing the gospel may hinder reaching people. However we can promote ministries of compassion through love. Jesus was committed to showing compassion. "When He saw the people, His heart was moved with compassion." A tangible demonstration of the love of Christ, coupled with some form of declaration of Christ's love, powerfully communicates the gospel truth. Compassion ministries demonstrate this love -- sponsoring and supporting needy children and orphans, ministering to the elderly by providing a home, educating the unlearned. Children helped in Macau, India and the Philippines become shining examples of what God will accomplish in a life when, with His help and our love, we see in that person the potential of what he or she will become. Each one is a life-created by God with potential to be developed for His Glory.

     Schools, built or supported by ECF INTERNATIONAL have and are making a significant impact in children's lives. With an education children can break out of the poverty circle. When love is shared through centers that provide such services as health care, education, skills training -- and most important -- the opportunity to hear the Gospel and know Christ, "we minister to society while evangelizing the lost." In essence, the ministry of ECF would not be complete without compassionate ministries served in love -- Love in action!

     Whether holding the hand of an orphan or embracing a hurting and desperate older person, ECF ministers through unconditional love, sacrifice and service. Our hearts thrill with story after story of sponsored children who have already grown up to become leaders in various professions. With good friends like you, our sponsors and supporters, linking your hearts and hands with ECF International we can accomplish so much -- caring for the elderly; feeding the hungry; assisting families; loving and supporting children and youth to receive an education; providing scholarships and erecting schools; building churches to reach people with the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

     In many of the countries served by ECF, each day many watch others happily going to school ? their crisp uniforms and book bags a symbol of hope. Poverty bars too many from the schoolroom. We have seen education open the door for many sponsored children. In addition to textbook education the young are learning valuable life skills such as hygiene, sanitation, protection from HIV/AIDS, and so much more. They learn that there are possibilities beyond their door -- possibilities to help feed the family and improve their overall health.

     Education is a gift that continues to impact a child throughout life giving the child the power to make choices. Having heard the Gospel many make the great choice of serving Christ thus building Christian homes and families. Many of the children supported throughout the years are now "giving back" in generous, effective service, for what they received as a sponsored child. Such is often a "God-arranged" link going far beyond providing food, education and clothes. What is the ministry of ECF International? It is LOVE IN ACTION made possible because TOGETHER WE SERVE!


60 Years of God's Glory
as Reflected in 60 Years of Rich Harvest
     The year-long celebration of ECF's 60th Anniversary concluded in California with a banquet which took place on Nov. 4, 2007, a beautiful Sunday evening, at the San Gabriel Hilton. To this historic event came 150 missions partners, friends, supporters and special guests.

     This celebration began with the song of praise "To God Be the Glory" led by Dr. Tedd Szeto, Chair of the Dept. of Mathematics and Physics at Azusa Pacific University and Director of the Witness Ministry Team. Dr. Paul Szeto, ECF President gave a warm welcome to everyone.

     Dr. Morson Chiu, General Secretary of the Greater Los Angeles Chinese Ministerial Association presented a plaque. Mr. David Lau, Mayor of the City of Monterey Park, expressed his appreciation of the ministries of ECF in his city and the great cooperative effort ECF has given to the community programs over these years. Dr. Ralph Carlson read a letter of congratulations from Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger. Dr. Harold Lane presented a special message from President George Bush. Special congratulations were also received from Rev. John Gault of Northern Ireland; Rev. Eddie Chan of Hong Kong; Mr. Ken Zhou of China; and Mr. Kok-hui Tan of Thailand.

     ECF Board member, Mr. Steven Leung, read the scriptures from Philippians 1:5-6 and Proverbs 3:5-6. Dr. Sherwood Lingenfelter, Provost of Fuller Theological Seminary, offered a prayer of thanks.

     Following the dinner, a life-changing concert was presented by the Witness Ministry Team. The variety of music coming from nine members of this team touched the hearts and inspired the souls of all present.

     A 15 minute video presentation, "Celebration on the Great Wall" captured part of the celebration activities which took place in Beijing, Shanghai and Macau this May. (This DVD can be sent to those who request it as a free gift from ECF.)

Dr.Morson Chiu(left)
Dr. Peter Lai(2nd from right)

Mayor David Lau

Mr. Steven Leung

Dr. Ralph Carlson

Dr. Sherwood Lingenfelter

Faithfulness Award
     The main focus of the evening was on the presentation of six awards to missions partners of ECF who participated in the global ministry for several decades.

     1. The Dynamic Leadership Award was presented to Prof. Anthony Chan of the USA. Prof. Chan is teaching at the Santa Monica College and serving as Vice President of ECF International.

Prof. Anthony Chan

     2. The Effective Christian Stewardship Award was presented to Mrs. Chintana Kiatsrichart of Thailand. She has served as treasurer of the ECF ministry in Thailand for over 30 years and supports the ministry with great talent and commitment.

Mrs. Chintana Kiatsrichart

     3. The Global Partnership Award was presented to Rev. Ulrich Obrist of Switzerland. Rev. Obrist is serving as ECF Representative in Switzerland and has arranged many meetings in Switzerland and in Austria.

Rev. Ulrich Obrist

     4. The Young Life Development Award was presented to Mr. Un-tap Ieong of Macau, China. He has completed seven years as Superintendent of the ECF Fellowship Orphanage in Macau. His love and leadership truly have blessed all the needy children and staff at the ECF orphanage.

Mr. Un-tap Ieong

     5. The Creative Management Award was presented to Mrs. Kate Reyes of the USA. She has given seven years of faithful and productive services at the ECF Headquarters as the Office Manager. Her love and care for the children under the sponsorship program of ECF led her to visit several Asian countries with great impact.

Mrs. Kate Reyes

     6. The Influential Cross-Culture Education Award was presented to Mrs. Molly Chang of the USA. She has participated six times in the ECF Teaching English Programs in China and served as the master teacher last year in Hangzhou. Her personal testimony has touched the lives of students, teachers and pastors in China.

Mrs. Molly Chang

Special Recognition
     These six awards recognize the faithfulness of the recipients and reflect the breadth of ECF's global ministry for these last 60 years.

     Special recognition trophies were given to six dedicated partners:

     Christian Publication:

     A. Miss Yvonne Yee-Wan So of Hong Kong

Miss Yvonne So & Sister Caroline

     B. Mr. Ambrose Leong of Alhambra

Mr. Ambrose Leong and family

     Media Production:

     C. Tedd & Joanna Szeto of Pasadena

Tedd & Joanna Szeto

     Constant Prayer:

     D. Mrs. Carol Orr of Camarillo Springs

Mrs. Carol Orr & daughter Astrid

     E. Mrs. Dolores Lane of Altadena

Mrs. Dolores Lane

Scholarship Presentation
     In order to be more effective in the educational outreach programs in China, the ECF Board decided to expand its partnership with Azusa Pacific University by establishing the Paul & Dorcas Szeto International Scholarship at APU with $250,000. Dr. Jon Wallace, APU President and Dr. Michael Whyte, APU Provost, accepted the presentation of this meaningful scholarship from Dr. Harold Lane, Chairman of the ECF International Council, and Prof. Anthony Chan, ECF Vice President. Dr. Wallace also presented a special gift to Dr. and Mrs. Paul Szeto in appreciation for their many years of Christian services both at APU and at ECF. With the help of the Provost, in collaboration with the Office of International Center under the direction of Mary Grams, this International Scholarship will equip many international leaders, especially those scholars from China for years to come.

     Following the song of thanksgiving, "Great is Thy Faithfulness," Dr. Peter Lai, Chairman of Greater Los Angeles Chinese Ministerial Association, prayed for the future ministry of ECF and gave the benediction.

     In the spirit of joy and celebration, people continued to share the great fellowship in the Lord Jesus Christ and in the glory of God, the loving Father.

Dr. Jon Wallace(right) & Dr. Michael Whyte


     The Agape Computer Institute in Guntur, India has been helping young people and the needy children from the Grace Home to learn computer skills so that they may secure better jobs. Pastor Dumpala reported that the computer software requires updating. Please pray for this urgent need in India.

     The Cleveland Cavaliers (NBA) visited the children of the ECF Fellowship Orphanage in Macau on October 19 and gave their love and support for this group of excited youngsters. They also played basketball with the children and posed for group photos. Dwayne Jones (Forward-center) and Daniel Gibson (Guard) taught the children special techniques to playing exciting basketball. It was a most joyful day for all the staff and children at the Orphanage.

     Pastor Kang of Cambodia reported that the Faith in Christ Church was flooded on October 14 this year. Worship services and fellowship groups were affected. Luckily, the computer center is located on the top floor of the house and students came to all classes in order to take the required test for advancement. Now, 77 students are studying at the computer center. In September, 3 students accepted Jesus as Lord and Savior. Please pray for these new believers.

     Sister Ditas Leonardo reported that the typhoons that hit the Philippines recently destroyed buildings and crops. The flood that followed made things much worse. The water was about ten feet high in some areas. Her house and the church were flooded. Thanks be to God, all children in the ECF programs and in the church were saved. Please pray for the victims of this tragic event in the Philippines.

New School Opened in China
     Building a new school in a poor community in China can transform not only an educational system but also a community of young lives. Through the Education & Culture Foundation, ECF has built a total of ten schools in China. Recently, Dr. Szeto and Prof. Anthony Chen, along with Mr. Steven Leung, participated at the Opening Ceremony of Sui-ping School in Henan. This is school #10 that was built with a love gift from ECF. Now 375 students are enjoying a new school year with new classrooms, new books, new desks and chairs, and a new computer teaching room. It is unthinkable to have such a blessed program in such a poor area. But all the children are eager to learn and very much committed to success. Please pray that this educational program will lead to opportunities for spiritual growth.

Bocaue, Bulacan
Ralph S. Carlson

     The ECF 60th Anniversary meetings in Beijing and Shanghai in May gave ECF colleagues opportunities to meet and fellowship. I renewed friendships with some, and began friendships with others whom I had not met before. Official sessions included informative reports on ECF activities in various nations. At meals and on leisure time tours, we could get to know one another better as individuals. Among the new friends I now pray for with new clarity is Mrs. Mercedita Leonardo, our ECF worker in Bocaue, Bulacan Province, the Philippines.

     This column has been giving background on the places where ECF operates, bringing into view geographical, historical, cultural, political and even environmental factors which shape the people with whom ECF works. We have considered general factors and demographic statistics of the Philippines before. In this issue, however, drawing on sources available via Internet, we will narrow the focus to Bocaue, the town where Ditas?lives and works.

     Bocaue, named for a type of tree that grew prolifically in the area in the 1600s, is in central Luzon, 30 kilometers (19 miles) north of Manila, the national capital. The Bocaue River runs through the city to the coast. Rice is a major crop in the lowlands outside the city. Since an average of 5 or 6 major storms pass through the Philippines each year, both wind and flood damage must be dealt with frequently. August of 2004 brought massive inundation, and substantial storm damage and distress occurred again in 2007. Indeed, Both the Leonardo home and the Caingin Baptist Church where Ditas works with children for ECF were flooded in recent storms.

     The Philippine population is 80% Roman Catholic, and one of the first tourist attractions to appear in an Internet search on the Bocaue city name is the Feast of the Holy Cross of Wawa,?celebrated on the first Sunday in July. A large decorated pagoda is floated on the river during the festival, commemorating an elderly woman saved from drowning by reaching out for a cross that moved ahead of her in her distress.

     Among the Protestant groups in the Philippines is a Pentecostal denomination, the Jesus Is Lord Church which claims 3 million adherents world wide. The founder, Eduardo Villanueva, was born in Bocaue, and has church operations, a school and a broadcasting corporation in the city. He ran for president of the Philippines in the 2004 election, coming in last of five candidates. One of his sons, Eduardo Jr., was elected mayor of Bocaue in October, 2007.

     Varied industries are located in Bocaue. Rice milling is important for the area. Local factories produce fashion accessories, leather goods, textiles, furniture, metal products, fish products, and paper products. Still, as in many parts of the country, unemployment and underemployment are problems in Bucaue. Many households engage in handcrafts in the home as a supplement to wages earned or, as the means of survival if family members do not have employment outside the home.

     Ditas is working with children from the poorest of families. One way Ditas and ECF assist the children is by providing school supplies at the beginning of a school year. For more information about the ECF children's program in Bocaue, contact Kate Reyes at ECF headquarters.

ECF Headquarters Team

We are committed
to share the Whole Gospel
for the Whole Person
to the Whole World

Wishing You